Roadmap Feedback: March 2021

We’ve had the roadmap up since November.

  • Do you find it useful?
  • Does it fulfil your wish to be more informed about what’s coming in the near future for DH and the status of upcoming features?
  • Is there anything else you’d like to see added?

I don’t check the roadmap often enough to answer the first two questions, but a list of what user-submitted ideas (concepts, suggestions, etc) PB is considering using or taking inspiration from would be nice.

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I do not look at it often either, but it is really nice to have! I love that idea Pawps. As a concept maker/creative person I have always been curious of that.


I’d maybe like it if you commented every so often on what specific updates are made to the Roadmap, just so we can know for sure what has changed since the last update.


It helps, yes. But I can’t say it brings as much joy as the State of the Game, which I’m sure is intended :sweat_smile:

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Melhoras nas Recompensas de Torneios para poder beneficiários todos os jogadores desde que gastam dinheiro até aqueles que não podem, fazer algumas mudanças ou uma nova competição seria bem vinda também, pois o jogo fica rodando sempre nas mesmas coisas a 2 anos

Yes, it’s really helpful.

Not really sure what do you mean by this…

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It is certainly useful, although might be misleading if something is postponed.
Causes players to have high expectations.


Only maybe if some resource update will occur there. Something many are looking for :joy:


Kinda. Great and useful idea but not much information provided.

About what is put on there, yes

I don’t know honestly…


I think it is nice that we know what is coming to some extent

Not 100%, would like to know more about upcoming heroes or at least the IP which they relate if you don’t want to spoil the hero.

difficult to see what has changed.

Also would like to know more around dates of patch notes.
For example, we know when the next level cap increase will happen and the one after that, but it is difficult to keep track of weeks ourselves sometimes. Would be great if we knew the next level cap increase patch notes will be posted on these dates to help plan ahead.


I really hate update besides heroes

Sort of. Like it states things, but not really usefully when postponing expectations or say things like”we working on this in steps” without examples of those steps.

Yes it’s more transparent than before it was created, but feel can still be a lot more transparent.

Guild perks in the works more frequently. Badge (coins and stamania) costs for new color ranks in works. Ideas from forumers you maybe implementing. More collections (nightmare before Christmas, muppets, etc as examples) that maybe in works. And what the next weekend contests will be.

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Overall I have found the Roadmap giving me excitement and hope in terms of what to come, so I think it has been good for us players as we know good things are coming :-).
While of course it is a bit of a letdown to see things get delayed, but I overall think the positives outweighs the negatives.

Also, if you Polaris could at least add the Tower feature and the Favoriting feature to the Roadmap it would be really appreciated as those are the two features want the most, but if you could pot more of the upcoming features in the Roadmap it would be really appreciated :-).


To be frank, I checked it out in the beginning and not again until today. It is nice to see what’s coming down the pike, but to be blunt, if Yellow rank brings a Yellow skill and another big stat bump, you’re slitting this game’s throat.

If that’s the intent, I’d add a link to it to your forum signature, at least on patch notes. As far as fulfilled, more not than so.

Detail, detail, detail.

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Yes but would like to be informed when it’s updated instead of checking out randomly. Perhaps you can simply make a post “updated” when it changes.

To a small degree, there’s too little information.

  • some more details in the description
  • about upcoming refreshes and new heroes (with small hints if you don’t wanna spoil), how many heroes have you planned
  • about upcoming polls, such as QoL improvements and refresh polls
  • major bug fixes
  • more what is being planned since not everything is listed. For example, feedback was being gathered about mods in December, was it used/will it be used?
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The acknowledgement of our popular complain/feedback/suggest from us players. We want to know you guys mean it when you say you care about us. As of now, many of us dont feel that way


Why not just get rid of all servers and have all servers merge into 1 giant one. Seems like that would be good for the game in general.

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No, it would not. So many new players would have a much harder time catching up to the server’s max level.

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