Rookie Racer (Lightning McQueen character concept)

Name: Lightning McQueen

Quote: “Race cars don’t need headlights because the traffic is always lit.”

Description: Lightning McQueen races through the battlefield, causing damage to the enemies.

Role: Damage

Position: Front

Stars: :star:

Team: Red

Basic Attack: Like Duke Caboom, Lightning McQueen bumps the enemy.

Entrance: Lightning drives normally to position, starting his engines.

Victory: Lightning does his “Kachow” pose with his lightning sticker shining.

Defeat: Lightning will get angry, stomping his front tire.

White Skill: Racing Laps
Lightning will race across the battlefield, dealing X damage and knockback to enemies.

Green Skill: Crowd’s Love
Lightning McQueen will wink the enemies, charming some of them for X seconds.

Blue Skill: Lightning Flash
Lightning McQueen’s lightning sticker shines the enemy and the enemy will be blinded for X seconds and deals X damage.

Purple Skill: Crashing Leap
:sparkles:Fantastic Damage
After using “Racing Laps,” Lightning will leap at the enemies’ area, dealing X damage and stunning the enemies for X seconds.

Red Skill: I Am Speed
“Racing Laps” will now increase Lightning McQueen’s movement speed by X% for 5 seconds.


Lightning McQueen/Shank
Racer’s Luck
Faster Over Time

  • +X Skill Power
  • Every second, Lightning McQueen’s attack speed increases by X%

Lightning McQueen/Tow Mater
Road Cleaning
Better Charms

  • +X Basic Attack
  • Charms last longer
  • Charmed enemies now deal X% more damage

Feedbacks and improvements are welcomed and I hope you liked it!


Wasn’t it

“Race cars don’t need headlights, because the track is always lit?” O. o


Purple doesn’t really fit, the rest of the kit makes sense but He literally does nothing with crits other than barely doing more DPS.

You could try giving Him a blinding skill in which He uses His stickers to do so. I mean He is a cocky showoff & shining up your body & jumping in front of others really spells out cocky plus not to mention He has ACTUALLY hurt the eyes of other cars by flashing His stickers. That would really fit His character, the showoff that many hated Him for being.

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Thanks for feedback @Champion_David

And @Tr3Frend, how am I supposed to change the purple skill to fit Lightning McQueen?

I already said how but I’ll kindly repeat. You can give Him a skill in which He uses His stickers to blind the enemy. He does this often because of His very cocky showoff persoanlity & has shown that it can actually blind the cars.

Well thanks for the feedback, I changed it up a bit to sound more like Lightning.

You are very welcome.

Racing lap :traffic_light: First green, 2 times. Next Orange, 2 times.Then when red. 1 times then do “I am speed”

The concept of skills look similar to Duke Caboon

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