S1,2-5, 21-22, 23-24 Server Merges Planned for January 2022

Hello everyone! As the title says, we’re going to be having server merges for S1,2-5, S21-22, S23-24! This won’t be happening until mid January and I’ll be going into more detail closer to the actual merge date. This is just an announcement that we’re planning the merge! This will be very similar to previous server merges and we will be allowing account consolidation after the merges are complete.

S2 and S5 are merging into S1, S22 is merging into S21 and S24 is merging into S23.

We will be making a more detailed Server Merge post closer to the merge date which is currently planned for mid January 2022.


Why do servers need merging?

Is the population on the servers decreasing, so they need to merge them together to get a sustainable/viable population?

Trying to understand why they have to be merged.


Now what’s with all the merging?




I don’t want this


Not sure what to say in terms of server 5 getting merged, but I guess it will be interesting to see how it goes :-).


Also @Loutre what a coincidence merging 1-2-5 exactly a year after 1-9 :laughing:


Hello @Loutre
I guess this merge confirms that many users are leaving the game due to the astonishing increase of cap and level.
As I said, you should consider increase leavle every 4 weeks, but rarity each 6, so you will have 3 lvl and 2 caps increases in 12 weeks.
Badges are more and more expensive, cuz we need a lot of purple bits for some yellow ones.


Nice update! I can bring my alt from server 2 over to my guild for more activity! Thanks pb


Hmm, people are leaving mixed feelings here and on S1.

I’m not sure how I even feel about this.

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@Loutre may I ask you to assist me in Support in about half an hour?

I want to ask beforehand though - is it possible to connect altogether disconnected accounts? I know I have one in Server 5 that I would like to use later in the consolation, but I disconnected it a long time ago.

What is with all these server merges? We already had one literally this month, take your finger off the trigger already. While it’s great I can finally play with one of my friends on the same server (which is always a good thing in these merges), it’s kind of frustrating, especially after we just had a merge, multiple cap raises, and now another merge.


Only the accounts on servers being merged can be consolidated.

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I mean, it is a Server 5 account, I just disconnected it from Google as well as Facebook.
Thus I ask if it is possible to be recovered to use in the upcoming merge in Jan…

It´s even the same name, Numi. The current Server 5 account I am using I made a long time after I disconnected the old one.

I just ask if it is possible to recover and connect. If not, ok.

The last merge done was at the end of October.

Send a message to support to see if they can recover it.

Thanks. That´s the response I awaited.

@Loutre What are y’all gonna be doing about arena and coli because it’s gonna be HEL-GA with everyone merging to server 1 :unamused: Division 1 will be so hard with everyone trying so hard to get there


Has it really been that fast since then? Time is weird :sweat_smile:


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