S14/S18 Server Merge Planned for August 11, 2022

Server Merge Planned for August 11, 2022

Hello everyone! As the title says, we’re going to be having server merges for S14 and S18! This won’t be happening until August 11th and I’ll be going into more detail closer to the actual merge date. This is just an announcement that we’re planning the merge! This will be very similar to previous server merges and we will be allowing account consolidation after the merges are complete.

S18 is moving into S14.

We will be making a more detailed Server Merge post closer to the merge date which is currently planned for August 11, 2022.


Expected s14 with s1 , let’s hope s18 have active members and good guilds


I’m curious Loutre, why do you keep allowing account consolidation? It forces top players to work on multiple accounts, not because they like it, but because they need it to stay top. I don’t want to play a second account and yes I know that means I’m missing out big time. This doesn’t add fun or depth.


We do want to eventually do a merge into S1 when S1 has less lag issues.


So… when S1 has less traffic?

Anyway I totally expected a merge happening in August. +1 for me.


The lag issues have nothing to do with traffic and it’s a server side fix that we need to do.


I believe wat Zuriel is saying is that when merging accounts, players at the top (working on multiple accounts) have an exponential advantage over players who only play on one account.
And allowing account merges to happen, widens this gap.

Unfortunately @Zuriel_IX this is a money making scheme and the top players will keep paying to stay at the top on multiple accounts just due to this reason


Oh okey then. I thought it was still related.

So likely maybe October or so…
Or do we want a 3rd January merge into S1? :eyes:
2021 - S1 + S9 (+10-12)
2022 - S1 + S2 + S5 (+3-4, 6-8)
2023 - S1 + S14 (+15-20)



We do not have a date for that server merge and it would not be as soon as October.

Hence why I say it could be a “coincidental” January.

In the regard of 2 merges with S1 being in January.


Sorry what does this mean again explain it to me

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Maybe ask more politely
If you have an account on either Server 14 or Server 18 it will affect you, otherwise it doesnt and you do not need to do anything.

On which Server is your account?


Trust me you ain’t missing anything. It’s the same just different servers & people don’t flag my comment could help others

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Easy everyone just play game save your money. I level up very fast without having to spend even a penny

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Anyway @Loutre can the team make up their minds and impose some sensible rules? We don’t really want the situations with some people having 20+ accounts and not being consolidated just… because happen again.

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Yup, I decided last merge to only allow 4 accounts to be merged. This will be in the bigger info post closer to merge date.

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Oh please, I wanna merge my accounts. I’m so tired of having 2 :sob:

When will server 21 merge with server 23? @Loutre

We have no current plans for those servers to merge.

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Ah good to know. Any limitations on some more resources, like, say, stamina consumables?

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