S19 hero tier list (pvp)

I wouldn’t be the right dude to ask for that. I don’t have as much time as I used to for invasion.

I’ve put it on a chart so it is easier to use; updated for 1.12.2

Hm very helpful since I started a new account on S19.

But I take great offense to Stitch being so low! He’s great! I always use him and will use him in 19 when I unlock him. He’s great with the Ma disk and awesome with the MH one.

PS. I’m joking about taking great offense. But he is good! :laughing::laughing:

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Why Miguel in B- tier? I think he could be one tier higher at the moment…
And have you considered that both Hades and Moana’ll get their disks (from Sparrow and Merida)? They could both get a tier from that.

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He is, I might move him up but he doesn’t really fit into the meta at all. He isn’t able to do a lot compared to those S-tier heroes. But he is on the border of A and B

Miguel is good but heals are already pretty good with Rafiki and Duke, I’ve discussed this with multiple players because I wasn’t totally sure about him. He is good situationally but isn’t really worth A-tier.

I don’t think Hades will reach A-tier ever, he is alright. B-tier usually means they are good situationally, and Hades is good for scares and in some situations.

Moana may reach A-tier, just like Stitch (in my past post) she is on the border. And thnx for reminding me about the disks, I forgot to throw them on the list

I fixed the missing disks, it should be good now

I’m confused; I thought this list was for S19, but there seem to be several heroes listed that we don’t have yet?

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If you mean Darkwing, Barbossa, Jack Sparrow, and Merida; they are coming with the next update (tomorrow I believe).

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Updated; added Peter Pan, Baymax, Hiro

Updated with Queen Of Hearts, Mickey Mouse and Megara

Sorry I had some irl stuff, swayed by a few days, added Herc disk and Mad Hatter

For those asking about me about stitch disk in game, it depends on how you use. Most will use MH disk since increased team healing is great. But if you don’t use healers, it is pretty useless.

-Added Maleficent
-Scar disk from Queen of Hearts to Maleficent

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Added Ursula and rearranged some dudes

Added Joy and Shank; did not see them in patch notes.

Woody S tier to A tier
Sally B tier to C tier

Disk Changes:
Aladdin Ge to Sh
Megara Al to Sh

Alice (Mi)
Robin (Me)

Elastigirl (B to C)
Quorra (A to B)

Disk changes:
Aladdin (Sh to ED)

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Why move Woody down?

Sorry wasn’t checking forums. He is very good against many heroes, and was S tier because of the low amount of supports before. Now that we have Joy and Megara, he can get moved down. He’s is still great nonetheless

Added Merlin

Added disk: (not sure if it’s on the server, I can’t get in)
D&B (Me)

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