S19 hero tier list (pvp)

Updated for 1.14

The Beast (Sulley)
Anger (ED; Hades or Zurg)

Changed disks:
Joy (Su to An; was a typo before)

Moved heroes:

Eve (A to B)
Merida (A to B)
Darkwing (S to A)

What about the duck boys?

Huey, Dewey and Louie? They’re not on S19.

Updated for 1.14.2 (releasing Wednesday)

Also thought I’d add in this info
Simba & Nala (Miguel) - A tier

Gonzo (Duke) - S tier
Olaf (Moana) - A tier (arguable S tier)

Timon and Pumbaa (Stitch)- S tier

Jafar (Scar) - S tier

New disks:
D&B - T&P (Not preferred)
Baymax - Olaf (used rarely)

Gonzo - Duke (preferred)
Jafar -Scar (preferred)
Jafar - Gaston (not preferred)
Olaf - Moana (preferred)
Olaf - Felix (not preferred)
Simba & Nala - Miguel (preferred)
Timon and Pumbaa - Stitch (preferred)
Timon and Pumbaa -Scar (not preferred)

Unreleased disks:
Simba and Nala - Huey, Dewey and Louie

Thanks for keeping this updated so consistently, it’s very helpful.

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Yep of course :slight_smile: glad to help the community

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Why is T&P Disk for D&B not preferred in the comments, but it replaced the Merlin Disk in the table?

T&P disk is better usually, I got confused. Sorry about that. I might switch it to ED because both disks are used

Thanks for clarifying, we all appreciate what you do here!

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Great disk, that’s all.

Is there a way you would recommend choosing who to focus on or is this solely for endgame pvp content? I am level 80 and finding that every time the list is updated I end up ditching someone I had been putting resources into, Mad-hatter for example.
Any help would be appreciated.

U can look up for the top players to see what they use. Goofy, Duke, Gaston, Maleficent, Anger, Merilin are the best ones right now

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Well meta is constantly changing. Mad Hatter isn’t actually a bad hero, it’s just that Merlin does something similar, but way better, so Mad Hatter gets phased out. For the time being, guys like Rafiki, Bo Peep, Goofy, Gonzo, Megara, Jafar, and T&P are very reliable and will be useful for a long time coming.

And as the other guy said, looking at top players is a good general guide as well, however, don’t follow what disks they use, as they tend to use a weaker disk so they are underestimated, or that disk works very well with a setup they have.
Also wait until this contest is over, as all the top players have removed their teams to boost contest points.

Thanks very much for the help and insight guys. I often check the top players but wanted to be sure I wasn’t investing in someone who would be outdated by the time I reach max level.
Keep up the hard work with this list.

They will be next month as the Sign-in.

Okay, I didn’t know that. They’ll be A-tier most likely

This is unrelated. If you have questions about contests, you could make a post about it.

Updated for December sign-in

@Mighty_Queen, I thought HD&L were a control?

What’s Elsa’s tier?

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