Same deals for S1 and S9 accounts!

Regardless of opinion on which server’s deals are better, it is consensus among the players that everyone should be getting the same deals after the merge, something that is not happening. It’s obvious the way deals are being offered is not fair, but did we really have to create a post to point this out?

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The offers are random for every account! No two accounts have the same offers given. And even if they do, it´s just pure coincidence, a program pick.

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Not really, same deals I get are available for people in my guild.

Some yes, some not.

You can actually tell. I have an excel with deals that are randomised.

@Numi_S1 is right, deals are random for everyone on all servers. It’s like that since the release of (terrible :sob:) solo deals.

You can’t control this. It’s just like a throw of a dice.

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I would like the old deals to come back. Maybe some players would come back again.

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Unfortunately non-solo deals would lower PerBlue’s profit

or increase :_ it would be more tempting to buy to get more instead panicking what to buy and buying nothing afterall

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