Samsung a71 bug in game can any one help me

i try everything from clean data and cache
try install it again not working
try send massage to support in game just give me refresh install and still not working
that pic show what happen when i tap on mission that lines appear

any help please

Maybe you need to add missions first?

Cause I don’t see anything strange here

thanks for reply
you have same phone
if i start 3 missions it will appear too more than that not show
i just want to know why that happen

Maybe you need to clear some storage on the device

Could you show us this?

Agreed, can you show us?

i have alot of free storage

i hope u can see the different

I still see no bugs here if you just have your 15 missions filled. So no problem here I think.

thanks for reply
my problem not in how missions i have what i ask for why that white line appear

Maybe send support ticket :upside_down_face:

Maybe it is the top and bottom of list in the mission

thanks for reply but no one have it or even saw that lines before so why me

I did, when I first got on mission page. Untill I put more missions on

This is probably normal

thanks but can you try no mission now and see if that line will appear to you i will appreciate it

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