Saying Sorry From TheMichaelTeam/MichaelanAddress


i just want to say that i am sorry for the madness i cause and the wars everyone doesn’t have to agree i am saying sorry to @Imaginelf_V and @Merry_Toon for trying their best to stop my madness also @Polaris i am very sorry the madness i cause i hope you forgive me @WINTER-SOUL is sorry to try and name your gender for my madness i will take a break from forums to clear out my memory all the badness i caused @Polaris please for give me the thing is i am doing similar what happen to @Merry_Toon i hope i will clear out my memory but when i come back to the forums i will be back and ready to spread kindness and make friends thank you for this now i will be taking my break from forums i will be talking a break until October 12th, 2020 please forgive me for my bad things and your opinions of my topics thank you have a great day!- @The_MichaelTeam

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claps Good Job Michael

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Thank you i will be taking a break bye bye! see you back on October 12th, 2020

So long brother, hopefully u figure it out

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thank you good bye please try and share this to other users bye @WINTER-SOUL

See ya round @The_MichaelThanksgiving

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Good Bye! :dove: :crossed_fingers:

please make sure everyone see’s this thank you i will be on my break!

hello everyone i will be coming back October 7th, 2020 thank you have a great day!

hello everyone i will be coming back tomorrow i am ready to come back so please don’t be shy and talk

Why’d u reveive?

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The forum suggests topics, if I find them interesting i comment

I do that and it gets me in trouble, so I just wouldn’t

You can’t get in trouble lol, why does the forum suggest if you can’t comment :grinning:

You don’t get in trouble, it’s just annoying to some when people reply to old threads that are dead like this one.

You knew what I meant

Hi, maybe this will shed some light. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Perfect thanks, so we can add additional input and it OK.

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