Scare lineup

What was the scare line I keep hearing about? Is there a way to modify it to today if not already? I’m presuming it consists of sully, zurg, Mike, jack skellington, and hades. Pros and cons of it?

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A Scare Lineup is better if your Lineup has a majority of Fantastic Damagers - i.e. Nick, Tia Dalma, Elastigirl, or Vanellope - as each Fantastic Damage on Scared Enemies will double it.

You don’t need all Scarers - Sulley, Mike, Zurg, Jack Skellington, and Hades - to form a Scare Team, just one of these is already enough.

I don’t think so, but here are two combos that might work (correct me if I’m wrong or add some):

  • Sulley & Boo and Mike [Su] - This combo will cause Stuns to Scared Enemies. Having the Top Scarer Disc equipped on Mike will grant him Energy whenever he Damages a Stunned Enemy, along with his Stuns lengthened.

  • Any Scarer and Jack Skellington - If you have Jack at Purple, whenever someone damages a Scared Enemy, they heal.

Instead of Hades, put Woody (Jessie disc) on…i think it’ll be much better.
And try that as your Coli or War defense. I think I used to use that team as defense before but I’m not sure if it’s exactly that but I know for certain it works wonders.

Try these:

  • Sulley (Woody disc), Woody (Jessie Disc), Zurg (Rex disc), Mike (Sulley disc), JackSkellington (Mad Hatter disc)
  • Sulley (Woody disc), Woody (Jessie Disc), Zurg (Rex disc), WallE (Flynn disc), Mike (Sulley disc)
  • Olaf (Moana disc), Woody (Jessie disc), Zurg (Rex disc), Mike (Sulley disc), JackSkellington (Mad Hatter disc)
  • Baymax (WallE disc), Woody (Jessie disc), Zurg (Rex disc), Mike (Sulley disc), JackSkellington (Mad Hatter disc)

One of these lineups I used in war defense and often the only team that still survived after 3 attacks.
Maybe try the Baymax one first…

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From what I’ve tried, there needs to be at least 3 heros that scare, and from that damage dealers. I’ve sully, jack sk, vannelope, finnick, and last is hard to figure out. Needs another tank/frontline, protection.

Goofy + Jack Ske. + Mike + Elsa + Any of these:

  • Maleficent
  • Olaf
  • Elastigirl but only with maxed Van. disk, otherwise no
  • Mad Hatter
  • Merlin

In terms of scare and damage i think Mike is way better than Sulley. Woody is good because of his ult which and boost your allies attack speed and heals as well. Finnick is definitely good now but venelope wont be good until she gets refreshed.

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The freeze scare hybrid team is a good one
Olaf(moana), Wall-e(dash), elsa(frozone), mike(sulley), Jack Skellington(hatter).
The freezes keep enemies at bay until mike and jack can start their high damage combos.

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I’ll start working on those. Thanks.

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A good scare team is sully(woody disk)mike(sully disk)jack(sally disk)goofy(no disl currently)and baymax(walle disk)