Sell for money

can you add a button to sell all the things in the bag to earn coins?

What bag?

Can you be a bit more clear about what you would like? It is already possible to sell items for gold, how is it you would like things changing?


I think they mean double drop backpacks

all inventory items must be salable. in other similar games you can sell everything but not here.

If indeed you are actually talking about the double drop backpack items, has it occured to you that you would almost certainly earn more good by using the double drop item and then selling all the extra items that you get?


I need money

Do invasion

Shop refreshes why can’t you sell those or can you

You realize those are useful items, right?

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Those are so useful.Of contest gives u a single refresh it is worth

Not really when you get to a certain level you can’t purchase anything, refresh the shop is useless because you still can’t buy anything.
The challenge shop is a joke because challenges is so hit and miss on being able to be completed.
They usually tell you to do something and then you have no idea how to do it like this week’s reduce basic damage… who does that how do you find that out I’ve searched all over and I’ve fought with every hero I have in surge and none of them reduces basic damage as far as I can tell

It doesn’t work like that.

Angel, Pleakley (red), Flynn (red), HDL (red)…

I was unsure about that myself. So I asked my guild mates and got the answers I needed. The same thing was also available to find on these forums quite easily.

Oh it’s one of those… Red only participation challenge… thank you no red characters…

There are three that I’ve never heard of but that could be just because I’m not developing them or they’re not on our server and that’s Ian HDL and Angel.

Okay Angel is the female stitch, just came out on our server a few weeks ago.
Not even our guild leader has that red and he’s 175 level.
HDL I get it… Huey Dewey louie?
Probably have Ian too it’s just I’ve never seen him

If you are using Angel for the challenge, it’s her white skill that is decreasing enemies’ damage. So you do not need her powered up

I have a level 10 Angel and managed to finish the challenge by using her in low level Campaign.

I know that Angel is diamond crate exclusive and not everyone have her, but I managed to get some of her hero chips from the Black Market to get her unlocked.

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Sweet because I just found Ian lighfoot and he’s not even unlocked.

About Ian, I think his blue skill get the enemies’ basic damage decreased.

However,I don’t have him yet and can’t test that skill in the challenge

You don’t need to have the characters to unlock this challenge. No doubt it’s obviously easier if you do but it’s possible to get the progress by hiring mercenaries and using them in surge and city watch.

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