Sellable XP & Gold drop rates

After the last update the XP and Gold drop rates were reduced significantly… especially when we now need them for the Battle Badges also and we lack of gold and can’t sell the Ultra XP bottles…

I spent like 4K stamina bottles (with +10%) and that’s what I got with everything double:

I mean cmon Per Blue is this a joke? We are short of disk power, Gold and now also XP bottles?

@Polaris kinda unfair not even mention it in the patch notes… it’s a shame! After spending 265k stamina = 200 XP bottles with double! Otherwise 100… a joke!

P.S. I didn’t posted the ultra XP bottles because we can’t sell them for gold which is the main problem here!


I thought something was weird… I got less exp bottles too with all my saved up stamina and a few more hundred stamina packages… We need a confirmation on this @Polaris. If this is true then it is unacceptable and downright disgusting!


I just spent about 1.6k stamina, and I’ve already gotten 26 Nitro (orange) XP drinks, 131 Turbo (purple) XP drinks, and over 150 of each of the smaller XP drinks. :man_shrugging:

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We did not change the drop rates for anything in the campaign.

Can you explain this then?

those numbers don’t look right at all - unless there’s a major bug they must surely have been spent somewhere?

I spent around 2k stamina bottles earlier and got at least 2000 of the gold ones, plus plenty others

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can you recheck with the devs, if there was a bug or something?

How many of these did you get though?:thinking:

Because I’ve noticed that a lot of the time when using stamina batteries I get more of these than the others tbh😊

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Can someone who’s not getting the usual amount of XP record the process of using a bunch of stamina, and show the video as proof of their lack of XP?

To be honest, getting just 200 XP bottles (with none of them even being the Ultra (red) XP type) out of 265k 212k stamina seems less like a decrease in XP drop rates and more like a monstrous, game-breaking bug.

I checked with the devs before I posted here. Nothing has been changed with drop rates or XP Drink values in the campaign.

It was 3215 Premium Stamina Items not 4000.

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Still a pretty high amount for that amount of XP…

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3210 stamina would be a “pretty high amount” for getting just 200 XP bottles, none higher than Turbo (orange). 3215 Premium Stamina items is a mind-bogglingly high amount for 200 XP bottles. That’s like spending 300 Premium Stamina items raiding 37-6 with a double drop, and getting about 12 Hypnotized Cows badge bits instead of the expected 1650.

And for over 3k stamina 200 XP bottles? Aren’t you ashamed to say it? I paid 50€ for this offer to have those stamina bottles… and that’s what I get for that?

That’s a lie! I got over 1000 bottles before the update! If you didn’t changed anything that’s a bug which needs to be fixed ASAP and all the people who got this ridiculous amount of XP bottles should be compensated!

There is no bug. The team confirmed that things are working correctly in the campaign. The information you are posting is incomplete and misleading. Look at your screenshots again. You didn’t include the 483 Ultra XP Drink that were also dropped in that time.

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How do you know how many Ultra XP drinks he got? Do you look at his account inventory somehow?

I do not think Polaris would lie…

I looked it up in the game database. We log all transactions in the game.

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Ok then, I will point something out.

He did not post any Ultra XP Drink count screenshot (as I think someone said before), yet the silhouette in this screenshot proves he had Ultra XP Drinks at the time of the screenshots.

So I think this was a scam, or he forgot to take a photo of the Ultra XP Drink count. But he would probably edit it if it was the latter.

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smaller ones are useless so 26 red xp when you need a ridiculous amount for battle badges and levelling up its a joke!!!

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