Sellable XP & Gold drop rates

Two things: (1) That was 26 orange XP drinks, not 26 red XP drinks. (2) My comment was listing the amount of XP drinks I got from 1.6k stamina. That’s 1600 stamina, or less than 27 Stamina Consumables, or about 42% of the stamina I get from the three free daily Stamina Boosts on server 2.

I’ll agree that we need too much stamina to level up heroes and (especially) enhance Battle Badges, but I’m specifically looking for evidence to support the accusation that PerBlue has lowered the drop rates of XP from campaign raiding. So far all I’ve seen are misleading screenshots used to back up a story so preposterous that, frankly, no one should have believed it, and statements without evidence about players believing they used to get more stamina from campaign raids. Memory is imperfect; subconscious biases will affect the recollections of even the most observant, conscientious witness. What little evidence I’ve seen so far supports Polaris’s statement that the drop rates haven’t changed; by all means, if you can find screenshots or (better yet) videos showing higher XP drop rates in the past, please share them with the forum.

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can’t earn enough regardless simple as

I believe Polaris. But, the xp and gold drop rates need to be given a bump again to keep up with the level and rank growth curve. My wallet helps keep me in the loop on such matters.

I didn’t include the ultra XP because we can’t sell them! We lack of gold and for 212190 stamina it’s a shame to drop 100 bottles (200 only because I used double drop!!!) we can sell! I’m not misleading anyone! I’m sorry I didn’t made screenshots before to show how many we got before… and to mark my post as hidden since I created the topic is misleading the problem! Why we can’t sell the ultra xp bottles? Because you know exactly we need the Gold… I just upgraded all the heroes to Y0 you maybe can post a log from my account how many gold it’s needed to do it… it’s becoming absolutely ridiculous! That’s the point here…

P.S. I have no reason to mislead people because I’m the one who spent in the game and know who much resources we need. Polaris on the other side work for those who make everything to take our money so think about that before blaming me… it’s not the first time I point something unfair in the game and report it and nothing changes! Maybe I should post screenshots from them too or you wanna look at my logs @Polaris?

I’m in a 16th-ranked guild and just moderately powerful/successful myself, yet I get sufficient gold from endless surge to keep skills leveled up for around 40 heroes and craft all the badges I farm. I just assumed, with you being a better player in a stronger guild, that you would also be getting plenty of gold from surge. Plus, there was also that comment directly asking you if you’d gotten any red XP bottles. So, sorry for assuming you were complaining about the XP drop rate, and not just the proportion of XP being dropped as unsellable red bottles.

Anyway, we really ought to be able to sell the red XP bottles, just like all the others; that’s certainly a change worth asking PerBlue about. Until then, you can spend more time raiding in smaller chunks, rather than auto-crafting badges that cost 6000 stamina even with a double drop, thus causing you to get almost all your XP as red bottles.

golds an issue xp bottles in general and red xpg bottles is an issue. Disk power now is so high and ridiculous and an issue. Skills and enchantments cost alot and so does crafting badges especially red yellow. The amount of stamina required is ridiculous. 4k stamina deals now does about 8 heroes max getting 1 hero to y0 is between 50k a hero its crazy and with the map as it is we will all need to he billionaires. Its absolutely crazy!!!

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I can only tell you that I had like 30k from those bottles before the update… the Battle badges are not even enhanced yet and look what I have now… the amount we need for upgrading the heroes is ridiculous! I had like 3-4 billions of gold before which I couldn’t even use… now I have to sell my XP bottles to have some gold. Surge: yeah for 40 heroes maybe… why don’t you try with 120 heroes?
It’s about what we get on our own and what we have to pay to get something we need… and i can swear even I didn’t made screenshots before that I ALWAYS had enough XP bottles from any kind as I use enough stamina of course! And I spend more then enough in the game… I can’t imagine what a regular player have to do even to upgrade one of his heroes! But no: Polaris is the saint here and I’m the evil one pointing how PerBlue is getting greedier and greedier for our money…
The reason of this topic in general was: we get too less for what we do in the game on your own! And we need to spend more and more and more… maybe it’s time to stop?

And also think about that: over 200k stamina for 200 sellable xp bottles and 483 ultra bottles… and that with double drop otherwise 100 sellable and 240 ultra… ridiculous much? And if that’s not about the drop rates what else?

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3215 premium stamina is a real misleading! Those were 3215 stamina bottles which means 3215 x 66 = 212 190 stamina! A huge difference!

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it depends how much and how big of badges you Power Craft. More = more Red XP and less of the others. More actual raiding = more Orange & Purple XP, and less Red.


@Stan2Be the thing about Red XP drops is as Pipsqueak describes. Basicallly, if you craft anything larger than a 600 stamina badge (at campaign double drops basically 1 bit-based badge), the game tends to give you Red XP drinks instead of all the other.

I kind of agree that something should be done - even out the drops of XP drinks. Basically, divide the amount of XP by 6 and give one sixth as Red, then another as Orange, Purple, Blue, Green and finally White. It would be much better than giving all Red.
Or, make Red saleable, although that would bring up a Mega Mart loophole, where you can buy XP drinks for diamonds just to be sold for gold.

Anyway, I still rather want Red XP drinks not be possible to sell and change the Mega Mart and Black Market to have all the stuff for Gold only. Similarly to how Badge Bazaar got ridden of the badge for diamonds option. Maybe then would be the economy of Fortify the Network contests justified.

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Its cost me more gold to craft a red and yellow badge then i get for one with double gold…

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Which in itself is useless

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V v true asura

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what is the issue with selling for gold this game requires ridiculous amounts of gold? Doubt selling red will help much why? Need extortionate amounts for battle badges. Its not even close to being balanced. Game hasn’t been for ages unless you are a mega spender. Even some of those are now starting to struggle

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Before his farewell post about a month ago, Emitz was keeping all of his heroes at the server max level, and he still had billions of gold in reserve. :man_shrugging: I think the last video I saw from him showed him with about 8 billion in gold.

I disagree with your accusations that PerBlue has silently lowered the XP and gold drop rates, and strongly disagree with your original implication, mistaken or not, that they were were giving less than one XP bottle per 1000 stamina spent. I decided I couldn’t stay silent on the matter because others were repeating your accusations, and I feel strongly that it’s more productive to discuss problems accurately and rationally rather than wielding insults, hyperbole, and distortions (whether intentional or not) as weapons to try to force the desired changes. That’s all.

If you’ve read my comments in other threads, you’ll see that I’ve been unrelentingly critical of how much stamina red (and now yellow) badges cost, and that I’ve been saying that there’s no way for non-whales to both enhance multiple Battle Badges and still have enough hero XP to continue leveling up their current roster. Just because I disagree with some criticisms of PerBlue doesn’t mean I think they’re perfect.

Not that I’ve been keeping meticulous records of how much XP I was getting before, but that seems roughly in line with past weekends where I’ve used double campaign drop and XP items. Just because the drop rates have always been too low doesn’t mean they’ve suddenly been lowered.

“Premium Stamina” is PerBlue’s term for the stamina refills that still have the bonus 10% active. I knew exactly what Polaris meant by the term.

I think that would be a good change. Heck, since we’ve got those handy +1, +5, and +10 buttons, I’d be perfectly happy to get nothing but White XP bottles.

That’s been true for well over a year now, in my experience.


The world is never just black or just white. It’s shades of ehhhhhhhhhhhhhr grey.

I agree with what I said earlier, the “preference of giving players Red XP drinks” should change to “proportional XP drinks to players”

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We need more XP drops with the inclusion of battle badges I have enhanced 4 battle badges and it’s nearly completely wiped me out of them.

How are you meant to enhance battle badges and level up heroes ? XP should be removed from the enhancement criteria and it should be just megabits. Just feels like a cheap move to get us to use our XP drinks so we are not able to sell them for gold

From now on I’m not going to bother with enhancing those badges. Just going to unlock them and use my XP on heroes and for getting gold

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Also a viable feedback. XP Drinks kinda feel like an abundant pre-requisite. But oh boi, the game is full of abundant pre-requisites all over.

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Here I can agree: one badge needs like 1 billion or more XP… and i think they grow proportional: the more you enhance, the more you Need…

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that was stated in the update… that it grows proportionally… the cost is prohibitive enough if you have 1 enhanced badge

with those 27… well 1.18B / 0.3M = 10/3 x 1180 = 11800/3 = 3934 Ultra XP Drinks

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