Sept 2021 Tier List! Y5 Max Lvl 260 | Bendy

Hey guys! Bendy here! Here is our tier list for September 2021! Thanks so much to everybody that joined the stream and helped me out with this tier list! Click on the image and zoom in to see everything more clearly!

There aren’t nearly as many changes this month as there was last month. We added in the 2 new heroes, placing Lilo in Really Good and Helga in Balanced, although Helga is entirely a prediction since none of us have her just yet. We also made a more official vote to leave Go-Go in Really Good as well!

Shank and Ron Stoppable both make pushes to the top of the tier list while Fred got pushed out of Really Good down to Balanced due to his overall disappointment after a month of testing him out. Lastly, Megavolt and Quorra both moved up a tier from Decent into Balanced and Maui also managed to escape the F tier, leaving Ralph all by himself on the bottom of the tank tiers.

If you would like to help with future tier lists by offering suggestions for changes, we have a survey you can fill out anytime so that your responses are more likely to be discussed on the next stream! You may do so here, PLEASE don’t submit a response if you do not have anything to contribute:

If you don’t know who I am, Hi, I’m Bendy! I’m a YouTuber that primarily creates a wide variety of Disney Heroes content, from tips and guides to arena, coliseum, and war fighting! Come join the fun! Thank you so much if you watch even a few minutes of my content, it truly means a lot!

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Printer friendly version of tier list if you’re into that sort of thing: PRINTER FRIENDLY Sept Tier List! Y5 Max lvl 260 - Album on Imgur


She will be broken.

It should be opposite :woman_shrugging:t2:
Ralph at least tanks and stuns.

I think Zurg should be raised to Decent

Also, I’d mark him as red. He is worse without his red skill.

Maui has true damage, and paired with the right team I’ve heard Maui is able to do a surprising amount of damage by chaining his shark bite move in quick succession. I forget what the team is though off the top of my head

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Judy & HDL always seem universally too low in every tier list to me.

Baymax is elevated thanks to his red skill giving Hardy - Judy’s does the same thing (with no level req), and can help win “who’s green skill hits first” battles, yet she remains low.

HDL make it into the majority of my war attacks for a very specific purpose despite being like P1 - if that’s not an indicator of being worthy of a higher PvP tier rank, idk what is :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I can’t say much for HDL as I’ve never used them, but i used to have Judy up a tier but last month a vote placed her down to Meh (I even had to compromise to not get her moved down to F), I agree for the most part though, Judy does have some big uses.

Her major downfall though in my opinion is that her inspire is GREAT, but it is just so short lived, it only goes for the first like 8seconds and then like 2 seconds at a time when her allies or her die. Outside of that, she basically sits there doing virtually nothing to support the team after 10aeconds into the fight

Nah, his active is barely used. And he sies even faster than Ralph.

His “dance” is easy to interrupt as well.

Has Fred been tried with the GoGo disk ? Just that you say you have tested Fred for a month but most of that would have been with just the honey lemon disk

I mean… I’d move around a lot here

For example how is Peter Pan balanced but Jack and Zurg are meh? Those two are way better than him

Donald is also pretty much the worst control, blocking 3 debuffs is nothing and he does nothing else

Hamm is way too high… I’d move Go Go up in best instead, she’s Wasabi + Dash but a bit better


Nah. They are terrible.
Judy barely does anything. HDL are too random for this game.

Yes, Donald, Basil, and Jasmine should go to the bottom.
Gaston and Ursula up a tier, they aren’t that bad.

Slinky should go down a tier. He isn’t relevant anymore.
Fairy is… eh, just as Slinky, easy to counter.

I mean… some more could go by personal preference. I’d personally have Hiro in really good and Pocahontas in BotB :man_shrugging:

But that anyone suggested Pan and Donald are balanced, I’m surprised

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I always thought peter pan was op, if he uses white skill he basically can pick you off without being hit

Well he used to be great for that reason
But he does pretty much no damage now


I don’t think he’s COMPLETELY useless though - Alice disk is a nice buff and you can technically tank with him if he manages to parry (though it can be interrupted so it’s not very consistent)

He needs a buff to be good tho

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Skillset is good, stats are bad. That’s all this simplified.

I feel like you could say that about a good number of older/lower-tier heroes in this game.


Gonna have to get you up in my next stream :wink: Either way my tier lists are 100% team effort voted on by the community, I’ll be honest not a single person has even brought up Peter Pan or Donnie for months, so they could very well be sitting a tier higher than they belong at this point, they were both placed in balanced in I think my very first tier list and just been sitting there ever since.

I don’t think it’s possible to create a perfect tier list, especially in a game like DH with SO many heroes. No matter what you do someone is going to be unhappy with the placement of something and it’s very easy to just overlook some heroes (like Pan and Donald) who don’t get much use but also don’t garner enough attention to even be brought up


To be exact, he blocks 3 debuffs every 5 seconds, and applies them to random enemies if he survives long enough to get off his white skill. That doesn’t make him good, especially with so many heroes spraying debuffs around like a rapid-fire Super Soaker, but it does give him a niche where he can be useful, mainly in Surge or City Watch (which aren’t the focus of most tier lists, so yeah, at best I can see him as “Meh”).

On the other hand though, he’s a direct counter to Elsa who’s in the Balanced tier :man_shrugging:

And Elsa also isn’t… important.

Donald is indeed a trash, he should be in bottom tier.

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