SERIOUS Problem With The Co Op Contest

I’m sure many people know this by now, but there is a huge issue with this contest going on where people in servers 12, 16, 17 and 22 are not receiving the last 3 contest progression rewards. This is a HUGE problem with how many servers are affected by this glitch, with probably even more that are going through it. Please do something about it, because if not there’s gonna be a LOT of upset people with such an unfair and cruel glitch.


We’re looking into this and will make sure everyone gets what they earned.


Furthermore the scoring structure is flawed…8 influence for 1 point…etc.Some have spent couple hundred bucks on this contest and I am very dissatisfied with it.We/I expect to be compensated.


It happened on my server too

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Thank you for responding!

Server 8 ax well

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I got the last 3 but not the rank reward

I really hope that PerBlue listens to the player base and realizes that NO ONE WANTS TO WORK HARD JUST SO ONLY THE TOP 200 PLAYER$ ON THEIR SERVER GETS REWARDED!

This Contest Structure is BLATANTLY UNFAIR and completely Against the Spirit of Competition since you’re eliminating the incentive to participate from the start by so unfairly skewing the Return On Investment Ratio. Speaking for myself, the next time I see a Co-Op Contest I’m sitting it out. Also, Solo Deals are an excellent incentive for me to boycott spending, I’ve already saved 79.99 just by not buying deals I would have otherwise bought if they’d stacked like former deals. So, thanks, your ill advised restructuring has made me feel woefully UNDER-APPRECIATED and definitely unwilling to give you any more of my money. I’m really disappointed in PerBlue right now.


Needed 9 influence for one point. We had horrible point structure in 19 server. It’s a riot there right now. Player frustration week instead of appreciation. We got hosed. Look how much work we did PB in server 19 and still got the shaft. Put a new character out for us that’s unobtainable. Not one gonzo in server 19 now.


Thank you. But it’s not the only thing not getting the progress rewards. There’s another layer to this.
Lots of people hoped to get the progress rewards and start to unlocking the heroes and work on them right away with double drop and double team xp running serverwise.
That chance is gone now : (
Well, for average spenders and FtP folks that is.
I would expect additional compensation to evolve the contest heroes right away to Orange 2.
As known once a possible progress isn’t made its very hard to catch up on that.

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Server 8 is atill experiencing this issue and we haven’t been given what we earned yet either. I was told last night they were meeting today to figure things out.

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We didn’t even get the last 3 OR the rank award.

On Server 8 no one got past the Yzma rewards.

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Server 11 has the same problem :frowning:


Sorry man

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I can confirm that server 11 didn’t get the last 3 rewards nor the ranking reward at the end.

Yes we did we got to the 5 star progress reward but haven’t received the rewards for 3 to 5 stars on server 8

Thank you very much

Server 11 didnt get 3-5 stars rewards

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