Server 1: Join The Zoo Crew (Benefits included)

If you want a guild that’s both active and higher up in the ranks this is the one for you.

Minimum level to join is 165, but message here and we can talk. I’m looking for active members, not just higher levels.

Benefits of joining:

  • 1 free Port and Trials Reset each week
  • A Badge Booster Crate each week
  • Our guild always makes it to the top 5% (sometimes 1%) rank awards in Guild Contests.
  • 2x Drop 3% chances up to level 22 in both Normal and Elite campaigns.
  • I always stay on top of the Perk upgrades

One thing I will say is that we don’t have a lot of chatterboxes, but we do answer each others questions when asked.

So yeah, if this all sounds good, then feel free to join. :slight_smile:

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