Server 2 Downtime 6/2

Hello everyone!

We’re going to be transitioning Server 2 to a new hardware configuration. We’ve already run a test on this process so you shouldn’t even notice a difference. We anticipate that this will take around two hours of downtime. Don’t worry though we’ll let you know when it’s going down and when it’s back up! The downtime is scheduled for Wednesday, June 2nd, at 11:30am CT.

This is ONLY Server 2! All other servers will be accessible and for Server 2 players if you have an account on another server you can still log in and play. There won’t be any game changes made and you shouldn’t see any performance changes to the servers either. We know this is a long downtime so we’ll have a compensation package once the transition is complete for the Server 2 players.

If everything goes smoothly we will transfer all the servers to this configuration at a later date, and will announce when we’re ready to make that transition.


So many announcements today!

That is also my birthday lol. June 2 that is.


Happy bday! :partying_face: :balloon: :cake:

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Thx for the heads up!! What server are you going to be on?

Are u talking to @Loutre?

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Yes I am asking @Loutre

thanks! what’s the reason for the switch?

Louture is the new community manager, not a player.

ok but they can play the game if they liked to!

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yea your right but who knows!

I know I don’t

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Is there any detail which could affect probably some lower-spec devices?

Will the transition make S2 more stable?

Will the switching of accounts be largely unaffected or there might be some hiccups in doing so?

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Will people on server two be allowed to merge same server accounts?

Will people survive the great downtime?

Tune in next time to when game updates….

But seriously like others said , hopefully you guys do things smoothly with this, whatever the difference this does.

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Happy Advance Birthday.


Is that your pup @Loutre ?

It is not!

This is my pup!


He is my favorite DHBM related character, lol.


Such a good doggo


Happy Birthday Imagineer

I’m on server 2

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