Server 2 Downtime 6/2

Loutre you have a nice dog


Now I know why I could not access my account

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When I open dhbm it doesn’t let me switch accounts it just takes me to the forums

OMG… Thank you!!!

Imagineer here is your present from me
You’re always my friend to trust, I know you find your way in life, I’m glad we became friends after our rough start and I hope your doing good.


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@Loutre Will we get a notification in this thread when server 2 is back up?

@Loutre What will happen with the free stamina of the 12:00pm. to 2:00pm. For the server?

Dude it started 12:30 and if you logged in at 12 before 12:30 you could have got it

See the post above…

Not everyone is in the same timeline you know that?
For me was 11:30am. Not 12:30pm. like you said.

Central Time
They know that, you are not in CT so your time is different

It’s back now! :tada:

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