Server 23/24

When will S23/24 be aviable @Polaris or someone else?
Since im waiting :timer_clock:

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Didn’t they release 2 servers a couple of months ago?


Yes ~ 55 days ago, but still i want a new account…

When S14 started dying, they released S19, 21 and 22. Wait for S16 to die so that they can release more servers.

S16 has already died :crazy_face:

I’d be interested to know too. Looking forward to start on a good ground in a new server :smile:


What’s the point of new servers which will die anyway?

PB will earn money, so nothing bad? :woman_shrugging:

Well 3 months now, still no news… Are they really going to release a new serv ?
Not sure since there was some rumors about the game closing, maybe it is one aspect that shows rumors are not that unfounded ?
Anyway, still waiting, connecting each day to see if a new serv is released… if someone has some good news, do not hesitate !


Since what? This thread was made? Nuh-uh

There might not even be a new server until next year. Don’t think PerBlue will just do whatever you want on the spot. They have to think about it first. Also two servers dropped not too long ago.

3 months since Serv 22
They had 3 months between the release of the last servers, that’s what fed my reflexion
Now, if you wanna start on these “Newest” servers (22), and keep up with top players, good luck ! But I assume that’s not possible instead of selling one of your kidney ! :smiley:

Yup I would also be interested by a new server opening !

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I will take a new server too. I had to leave game for a few months and I will never catch up. Would like to start over

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