Server Merge Discussion: December 2019

This thread is for questions and discussion about the upcoming server merge for Servers 2-4&8, and 9-12 .


Two questions

  1. I’m in server 2 will I have to transfer accounts?

  2. Is this the update for today?

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try reading the notes before asking questions. both those issues are addressed in the notes


My only concern is I’m in server 4. Does that mean all my stuff listed will not be available once that transfer happens? Not sure if I’m understanding after reading it. @Polaris


I’m in server 10, is there any way I can join my bro who is currently in server 8 with this account? With the new server merges, I still won’t be merged to the same server as him. So I was just wondering if players can be moved to requested servers or if that’s not possible? @Polaris


@Polaris I’m currently on Server 3 and I have all of the current characters and I’ve upgraded most of them to Red and Red 1. Once this merge happens will I have to start all over with the character upgrades?

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I’m hoping that’s not the case. That would be detrimental to a lot of high players as well as anyone else who has put a lot of work into their heroes.

I believe it mentioned that you keep your progress.

You lose nothing off your main account only if you are consolidating multiple accounts into your main. I believe. However you still get most of your stuff.

Can people please read the information post clearly before commenting :stuck_out_tongue:

NO, if you are on one of the servers to be merged, you will not lose ANYTHING. Your account will look exactly the same before & after.

The information about transferring items is ONLY related to account consolidation, which is 100% optional and not part of the merge itself.


I am excited about this merger. Needed to happen.

@Polaris please tell me though the updates will now slow down.

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What I said above lol

Another server merge tells me that you guys are losing players :laughing:


@_Undertaker Wednesday but with announcement in Monday


Alright thxs I just saw the post😁

Is there a plan to adjust the server number after the merge? For example, server 5 will become server 3, servers 9-12 will become server 4, server 13 will become server 5, and so on.

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No, we won’t be changing the server numbers. Following these merges, the remaining servers will be server 2 and server 9.


So since I’m on S8, I’ll be on S2 basically after?

And since a person can now have multiple accounts on one server, does that mean they can basically friend themselves lol?

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But I’m excited to get a bigger population in the server and possibly some new members to my guild!

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