Server merge missing out

As invasion and weekly challenges are paused for my server this week, are you going to send any freebies to compensate us?

We will be missing out on the mods and shards that you can only get from the invasion and the points that you can only get from the challenges.

This server merge is really for perblue not us, so it would be at least nice to give us something in return.

Hi @StitchyStitch and welcome to the forums, thanks for joining us.

Whilst it’s always nice to get free stuff, and I certainly wouldn’t turn down anything that PB wants to give me, we aren’t really missing out on anything.

All of the rewards that we get from invasion and challenges are primarily used to give you a competitive edge against others in PvP. Given that nobody on your server (the new server 5) will be getting any rewards then everyone is in the same boat.
To put it another way, nobody getting anything is the same as everyone getting everything.

If anything it benefits the lower power players who wouldn’t normally be able to get all the rewards from invasion or challenges. Given that the high power players won’t be getting anything, the gap between them isn’t going to get any bigger this week.


Thanks @Lord_Skellington I’ve lurked for ages but never posted :smile:

You’re absolutely right although they are also useful in PVE as well. As you said then the gap between top and bottom will remain the same anyway but freebies are always welcome!
I just think it would be nice to have something, if only to say “sorry for the inconvenience”. All the comms so far seem to paint this as benefitting us, which isn’t quite true. It will benefit us to have a more vibrant community, but you could ask why so many left. Judging by the forums then lots left due to various issues (6 stars, rapid level increases, severe reductions in invasion rewards, etc) and I guess running 3 servers is more expensive than 1. I doubt this server merge would have happend if it didn’t benefit them (which is understandable).

So I think some freebies could help build some goodwill. Although I wont throw my toys out the pram if we don’t :smile:


I would like to add that I’ve lost the previous week’s challenge since I could advance only two mods ( if invasion was normally available I could complete that challenge). Moreover this week’s challenge is also relative with the invasion but the S5 cannot complete it since there’s no invasion!
I think that PB should give us these 2 challenges for free (or at least this week’s challenge).