Server Merge - S14/18 Aug 11th More Info

S14/18 Merge

You will be the next on Disney Heroes: Battle Mode to merge servers! Accounts and Guilds from server 18 will be moved to server 14. This will give a boost to the population, and create more vitality on the server. The merge is planned to take place on August 11th. The affected servers will be down during this process. We have turned off new account creation on the servers that are involved in the merge.If your account was created right after the merge announcement was made (7/27/2022) it cannot be merged.

Game Modes

Guild War:

We will be scheduling the merge to have a minimum impact on Guild War. The merge will not impact wars that are in progress, and will result in more guilds available for matchmaking.


Invasion will be paused for the week of the merge. Unclaimed rewards will be sent to players through a mail message.

After the merge, guilds and players from servers that are moving will see that they have zero invasion points and will demote in the next invasion. This is a display issue only, and players will find themselves in the correct leagues when the next invasion begins.

Creep Surge:

Guilds should not see any change in Creep Surge.


Rankings lists from all servers will be automatically merged and sorted.


All tiers below Challenger will be automatically merged and sorted. Challenger Seasons leagues from each server are merged into the same division, but the leagues will not change. When the next week starts and new leagues are formed, players will be mixed.


Weekly Challenges will be turned off for the week of the merge. Other challenges you may have in progress will continue without interruption.

Collections, City Watch, Heist, Trials, The Port:

These are associated with an individual player’s account and will not be changed due to the merge.

Hall of Fame Medals

The total number of medals earned from contests will transfer into the new Hall of Fame rankings. After the merge, guilds and players from servers that are moving will not have rank medals next to their names. These medals will transfer the next time a contest is completed.

Account Consolidation

After the merge, some players will have more than one account on the resulting server. Once the merge is complete, players that end up with more than one account on the server due to the merge will be able to consolidate inventory from alternate accounts. Players are not required to merge accounts, and it’s possible to continue with multiple accounts on the same server. If you want to keep multiple accounts as-is, you do not need to take any additional action.

You must always have been, and currently are, the sole owner of all involved accounts.

If you would like to consolidate accounts, please review ALL of the following details:

The Process (How To Request a Consolidation):

You have 2 weeks from when the merge completes to request a transfer, after which we will no longer offer account consolidation. We are only allowing 4 accounts to be merged.

All account consolidation requests must be received between Aug 11th and Aug 26th.

  • Make a note of the Account ID you want to transfer your goods into - this will be your DESTINATION account
  • Make a note of the Account ID(s) you want to transfer goods OUT of - These are the accounts that will be PERMANENTLY CLOSED after the transfer is complete.
  • Submit a ticket to Customer Support with all account ID’s, and carefully indicate which Account ID is the Destination Account (i.e the Account you want to KEEP), and which are the accounts you’re transferring goods out of. To help us expedite these requests, please include “Account Consolidation Request’’ at the top of your ticket.
  • If you have multiple accounts you wish to transfer goods out of, please indicate them all in the same ticket.
  • Note that this is an IRREVERSIBLE PROCESS, and you will never have access to your retired accounts again.
  • Sit back and relax - Support will process your request as quickly as possible starting 24 hours after the merge is complete.

The following are able to be transferred:

Resources, including:

  • XP Drinks
  • Gold
  • Diamonds and Monthly Diamond Days
  • VIP Rings
  • Raid Tickets (all varieties)
  • Shop Tokens
  • Heist Tickets
  • Guild Coins

Inventory items, including:

  • Fully Crafted Badges
  • Badges Bits and Plan Bits
  • Memories
  • Crates
  • Consumables
  • Hero Chips
  • Red Skill Chips
  • Costume Threads
  • Cosmetics
  • Emoji Unlock items
  • Guild Trophies
  • Credits
  • Mod Fragments
  • Mod Power
  • Mod Upgrades
  • Disk Power


All Mods can be transferred, even if they are equipped to a hero. Mods will be delivered to the destination account through a mailbox message.

Diamond Crate Upgrades:

Diamond Crate Upgrade levels will transfer to the destination account, as well as unspent upgrades. Upgrades will not go above level 20 for each track.


Completed and unlocked Stickers and Challenges will be transferred to the destination account. Any progress on active challenges will not be transferred.


If both accounts have a premium pass, the remaining account will receive a coupon equivalent to the BattlePass price.

If only one account has the premium pass, it will be transferred to the remaining account in its current state.

Email Confirmation

The retired account will have their email unsubscribed.

The following are UNABLE to be transferred:

  • Full Heroes, Hero Stars or Hero Rarities, or XP Levels
  • Anything equipped to your Heroes including:
  • Memory Disks and Memory Disk Levels
  • Badges and enhancements
  • Collection mastery
  • Skill Levels
  • Monthly Sign-In progress
  • “Banked” Stamina and Friend Stamina
  • Unused City Watch Resets
  • Unclaimed mail
  • Campaign Levels unlocked
  • Infected Campaign Nodes
  • Arena, Coliseum, Invasion Rankings
  • Weekly Quest Progress
  • Friends and Blocked lists
  • Unlocked difficulty levels for Trials, Port, Heist, and City Watch
  • Collections Progress
  • Friend Campaign Progress
  • Team Level or Team Level Experience
  • Mastery Tokens
  • Invasion Resources and items including Invasion Stamina, Breakers, Boss Tech, Hero Power Ups, Hero Revives, and all the Invasion Boosts

Additional things to keep in mind if you’re considering a consolidation:

  • Spend all of your stored (“banked”) Stamina prior to the merge - use it or lose it!
  • Normal and Elite Campaign Progress will match the state of the Campaigns on your destination Account, including unlocked chapters and earned Stars.
  • Finish your Daily Quests to claim as much loot as you can, because no Daily Quests will transfer.
  • Unlocked difficulty levels for Trials, Port, Heist, and City Watch will be determined by the Destination Account
  • If you are a Guild Leader and are consolidating accounts, it is highly recommended you make a destination account Guild Leader before you request the consolidation.
  • Inform your friends! Your transferred account(s) will be PERMANENTLY CLOSED following the transfer of goods to your destination account, and your friend list WILL NOT transfer.
  • Regular Arena and Coliseum Leagues will merge and split as always after the merge. You may notice an increase in the amount of splitting/merging while things settle down.
  • Chat silences, suspensions, and bans will not be changed by the merge or account consolidation.

Final disclaimer:

You must always have been and currently are the sole owner of all involved Accounts.


so it only affects server 14 and 18, correct?

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Yes, this is only for S14 and S18


ok thank you

@Loutre Does “consumables” include stamina batteries that are in your inventory?

Yes. All what is inventory.

@Loutre : you should add the red skills keys as consumables that can be transferred. It was one question i asked for last merge :wink:



Usually proven the opposite, the final merged server kept shrinking.


I think this should be written near “Raid Tickets” as Easy, Medium and Hard City Watch have those.
Will City Watch Reset items (from Challenger Arena/Coliseum) be transferred though @Loutre?

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If I have two accounts on s14.
Can I consolidate this 2 accounts?

If you both were the owner from the start of the account, I think that should be possible.

At least from what I understood from earlier merges and messages there.

Yes both are mine, I’ve created them myself

Is it possible to re-name all servers so it wouldn’t be confusing for some players, especially new ones… after merge?

Server 1 :arrow_right: Server 1
S13 :arrow_right: S2
S14 :arrow_right: S3
S21 :arrow_right: S4
S23 :arrow_right: S5
S25 :arrow_right: S6


@Loutre mod isn’t capped right? I mean if my account has hundreds mod and my second acc has hundreds too… i will receive both of them?

You will.
Last merge there was no cap for any objets or ressources.
This merge there will be the account cap of 4 and that’s all.

For city watch resets, they were transferred last merge. I had some from my s25 acc.

They could be mentioned there…

Do CW keys get transferred as well?

Anything to compensate for the lost of bonus from the invasion ?

@Loutre is this means player can have :

maximum 4 accounts (example 4 accounts in S18) to be merged into 1 main account (example 1 account in S14 so total 5 accounts)


maximum 3 accounts (example 3 accounts in S18) to be merged into 1 main account (example 1 account in S14 so total 4 accounts)?

Thank you

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They do. I confirm it from last merge.

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4 accounts to be merged into 1 main.

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