Servers 1/14 and 21/23 Merge Full Info Post

@Loutre and @Nugget
Is it Patch token, code base also transferred?


Patch Essence and Megabits are in the first post, so yes.

Also, it´s a weekend. Loutre and Nugget are not there. And Loutre does not like to be pinged anymore.


Some new about shop refresh?

Wonder to know in name of many people.

What with us who doesnt have any account on other servers, do we gonna get some presents or we are not taken to be equal to others?

Thank you! :hugs:

What do you mean?

All 3 of these are unclear:

What is unclear here to you?

There is 2 (two) questions.

  1. Will be and when news about February shop refresh?

  2. Do they consider to give something to people who play with only one (single) account?

This. :point_left:t2: and existed 19h

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Answered already

No, why should they?
It is your choice to only play on one account - you could have made accounts long ago

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Thank you so much! :hugs::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I missed this post.

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A guerra está com bug. Já não é a primeira vez que acontece


Welp, I’m up!

So, no Red Team Invasion, this week, then? :frowning:

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This is not the right topic for this

The delay sabotage is a known bug to affect heroes that have delayed entrance animations and is unlikely to be fixed soon

Suggestion would be to not use the delay entrance sabotage ever


@Loutre @Nugget wouldn’t it be more beneficial if the hypothetical next (or even “last”) merge was restricted to either 2 accounts on different servers…

Or like… any number existing before 19th January 2023?
Then the team wouldn’t be dealing with people making new accounts on the same server? :man_shrugging:

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This is likely the last merge for quite a while tbh unless they bring 25 into 21 down the road not really any other servers to merge. I mean if they did 1 and 21 together I’d doubt their would be anyone left on 21 due to double cap raises


They can do what they did in Portal Quest… give every hero 11 ranks…

But I highly doubt that considering DHBM’s status of cashcow.

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Just to put this into context of all previous merges:

JULY 2019

  • Servers 6 and 7 merges into Server 5
    No double increases


  • Servers 3, 4 and 9 merges into Server 2
    No double increases
  • Servers 10, 11 and 12 merges into Server 9
    No double increases


  • Server 9 merges into Server 1
    No double increases
  • Servers 15, 17 and 20 merges into Server 13
    Server 15 had 3 double increases prior to the merge
    Servers 17 and 20 had 4 double increases prior to the merge

MARCH 2021

  • Server 16 merges into Server 14
    Server 16 had 1 double increase prior to the merge


  • Server 19 merges into Server 18
    Server 19 had 3 double increases prior to the merge


  • Servers 2 and 5 merges into Server 1
    No double increases
  • Server 22 merges into Server 21
    Both Server 21 and 22 had 1 double increase prior to the merge
  • Server 24 merges into Server 23
    Both Server 23 and 24 had 1 double increase prior to the merge

JULY 2022

  • Server 18 merges into Server 14
    Server 18 had 7 double increases prior to the merge
    And take into account that Server 19 players had 3 of their own before merging into Server 18
    Effectively S19 players had 10 double increases in 11 months
    Server 14 had 4 double increases prior to the merge


  • Server 23 merges into Server 21
    No double increases
  • Server 14 merges into Server 1
    No double increases

For Servers 21 and 25 to catch up with S1, they need 11 double increases - which is not very far off S18/S19’s 10 double increases in a year

The sad part is that the players on newer servers get very little compensation to be able to catch up with a server that is older and where players had more time to accumulate resources. This results in players on newer servers to just quit, mostly due to the lack of assistance and new features being released to keep them engaged.

LOL, free stuff? To keep players from quitting. Not going to happen.


Can consolidate 2 accounts from same server? The biggest vip20 into small vip7 account? What will happen if applicable? Will I lose my 6* heroes and y23 levels? And disk stars?

I want to consolidate big full heroes account into small one low level one, plz explain what I’ll lose exactly

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Why would you want to do this?

Again, why would you want to do this?

You should consolidate your small account into your big account, so that you keep your fully levelled heroes and disks


Yep, as promised, there’s no Invasion this week.

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I rely on invasion rewards will there be compensation for missed rewards? I’m not OP so 1 missed week makes all difference


Thanks, I’m looking for answers not questions on my questions

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