Setting up war defense teams and Coliseum

These are my teams the way they are set up currently, we get red skills on Tuesday on our server. Is there any changes to the teams I have I should make or are these heroes all viable at red? I have every hero in the game besides Shan Yu because he isn’t on server 22 yet. So I can really swap in any hero. I’d appreciate any suggestions and tips!

I think you need to move Goofy and Jafar into Team 3 (replace Mulan & T&P), so that it is more focused. Powerline is a huge damage dealer, and Goofy synergizes well with him.

Also, I’d unlock Powerline’s, Kristoff’s, and Elsa’s red skill first. They are all amazing.

Powerline’s grants allies disk power on every basic attack. This boosts any damage from skills that depend on skill power. It also grants Powerline attack speed every time an enemy is blinded, all the more reason to use him with other blinders.

Kristoff’s red skill revives Sven, and it also freezes enemies more consistently.

Amd Elsa’s freezes the enemy with the most basic damage at the beginning of every wave. This skill makes Elsa annoying to fight against, so she should be great to use.


I recommend using Nick Wilde as his red skill has both goods for allies and bass for enemies. His red skill can allow him to give allies 35% of his skill power. And he can stun enemies for 2 seconds and reduce armor for 13 seconds per lemming

Yes, but in which team?

You have some strong teams. I would go with what @Filadae_Djaq said, as those heroes with red skills are great. What @Prince_Tamatoa_III said, it is true, but Nick would not fit into your teams that you have.

Nick fits in any team.

Nick would help a lot in the third team. Maybe remove hank as he is quite easy to kill. And it has enough blinders as well.

Thanks for the ideas guys! I’ve just been really nervous about red skills arriving I don’t want to waste resources on a hero I might not use soon after

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