Sever Update

Server update 10 min before war ends? Those are the most important minutes in some wars… why are you doing this? Like there is no other time to make an update? And then you wonder why people are angry…

@Polaris maybe you should reconsider updates in this time… 10 min later wouldn’t cost you a thing!

Maybe because it’s their standard time of scheduling their updates and such.

Yes at least wait untill war ends !!! We just lost one od our big war because of you guys updating at this time.!!!

The update is done already


Already? Well, that is… unexpected.

Well, it was a short one.

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Enough for people not to be able to attack in war…

The question is, why didn’t some people attack when they had the time?

Yeah, you can just attack before the server update.

And other players in S1 were complaining about the timing too.

Limited attacks making each one in a close war important and thus warranting careful consideration and thought.

Planning, sparring and trying to make sure as little is likely to go wrong as possible and these things take communication and time, such as someone waiting to see if they should clean up a weakened line or if that’s already going to be covered and thier efforts are better spent elsewhere.

In short, some people wait till the last minute because they’re trying to prepare as much as they can so they don’t let the guild down.

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