Sharing heroes from Outside Sources

I now know I need to be very careful here about sharing heroes from outside sources when they haven’t been announced yet to avoid having my posts flagged for talking about spoiled heroes. Some places are against sharing outside information.

WHY did you need to make a topic about this…? :expressionless:


You got issue with spoiling or something similar to this an explantion could help to understand why you made the topic to begin with

Yes, have an issue with spoiling. I needed to make a topic because I need to learn not to share everything I know.

That doesn’t require a topic :expressionless:

I wanted to get it off my chest. I was feeling guilty about sharing stuff that is against the rules. At my job, I can get fired and even sued for sharing sensitive information. So I need to learn how to keep secrets. Otherwise, people will not trust me. That’s why I felt I needed to make it a topic.

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