Shops can't recognize hero's rank!


Sure, I’ll need that badge in the future… Except the future is three badges away, at O3! Why are you trying to make me buy stuff that’s currently useless to me? And this isn’t a solitary case, just an example


Um this was made for people so that it would be easier to be ready for next rank.


I just can’t see how that would help a regular player who progresses at a normal rate, aka practically not at all cuz drop rates. I definitely feel scammed, and I’m not gonna believe those tooltips of theirs anymore.


I don’t see how it’s a scam. You are simply investing in a character’s future needs. While it may not be something that is needed NOW it is something that they will need later. I believe the design of this was to help top players who want to get the next rank of badges before promoting to save power from dropping off as hard since there are the enhancements that will be lost upon promotion. This way you get say all of a O2 heroes badges enhanced and then can save for O3 keeping the enhancements for as long as you can before promoting, and save the hassle of looking at the badge list and then attempting to find the next set of badges needed.


While I love this feature, it is slightly irritating to buy a badge only to see that I don’t need it now. Lol all I can say is double check before you buy!


I don’t think this is particularly useful for the average player.

If I bought a badge that my O1 character couldn’t equip until O3, and then a badge I did need at O1 appeared in the shop tomorrow but I didn’t have enough tokens because I’d spent them on the O3 badge, I’d be out of luck and pretty annoyed.

Where this tip helped me know what I might want to buy before, it’s pretty useless for me now.


Talking with support is long and tedious, but current reaction seems like it indeed IS a bug and shouldn’t happen UNLESS you have all badges equipped and are ready to promote. In case someone didn’t know, it’s not always a good idea to promote immediately, and devs acknowledged that with this feature… but looks like it didn’t work.


Maybe it reveals future badges if you have like 4 of 6 badges equipped??


Even the screenshot I provided contradicts that, mate

Besides, stuff’s also happening with Hades with 2/6 badges

EDIT: Goddamit, also happens with Purple heroes >_<


Support response so far:

I showed them two separate cases with screenshots here


Confirmed bug by the support.


Well I’ve bought several items in shops tagged with the red dot stating this toon or the other needed it. Then? Not one bit of help! I’VE used some of my last few tokens/currency in various shops & then my toons couldn’t make use of said items I pretty sure we are on separate servers (I’m on s16) and this leads me to suspect it’s actually an across the board bug. I’VE often wondered what was the devil going on! Well at least I know now.
SMH duped again! :blush:


What does SMH mean?? Also, what does SMU mean??


Actually it’s called an Internet Acronym and
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Smeh I hate that … But I was just checking. Thanks alot!!