Should every guild member be getting the same amount of Surge tokens?

As the title states, should every guild member be getting the same amount of guild tokens if they participated? My understanding is yes. But I’m hearing that they are not getting the same. I’m trying to figure out if this is a bug. We completed the very hard surge, 11 levels, and one person said they got 700+ tokens and another said he only received 400+.

I thought everyone received the exact same amount as long as they did at least one battle.

Just looking for some clarification on how it should work. Thanks in advance.


There is a VIP perk (I forget at which VIP level it is unlocked) which grants +50% surge tokens. It is likely that some of your members have this and so will be getting more tokens each day than others.


Yep, that is probably it.

V.I.P. Level 6.

Thank you very much!!


I honestly wish everyone got different amounts. I have a few in my guild that just do one territory a day… Or maybe a performance bonus for thos that carry.

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