Should I invest hero chips in stars vs red skills vs mods

Okay, I have a general strategy question. Where should I invest hero chips first? I do have a number of heroes at 6 stars, but there are others who are stuck at 5 (or even 4). I’m looking for general advice as to where to focus first—do I prioritize leveling up my stars before leveling up my unlocked but lower level red skills? Does this strategy vary hero by hero (some having stars a priority while others having skills a priority). And then where do the Mods fall in. I have most of my mods stuck at level 30 while I work on red skills, but maybe I should be investing in mods. Any general / non-hero-specific advice is appreciated. I can share details about a few hero’s I’m focusing on if that helps. My team level is 225 and the heroes I’m focusing on are leveled up in other skills, and working toward Red-18.

Well I have no Red Rank heroes or 6 stars, but you should try to go for mods since they can boost heroes for free.

Yeah. I have mods on all of them, but beyond that, you can level up the mods (making them stronger), but it starts costing 20 hero chips, then going up with each level. Plus, as you level up the mods you can add upgrades, each offering different advantages. Just trying to figure out specifically where to invest the hero chips first, especially for the newer heroes that they are constantly releasing.

My order would be skill unlock, 2. stars, 3.mods, 4. lvling red skills.
If i have some high lvl mods ready to be attuned then i attune them before doing missing stars. Lvling red skills before stars doesnt make sense, you hardly can keep up with them so it’s never ending race. Better finish stars and then spend spare chips on red skills


Great question and one I struggle with as well. I generally go unlock red skill, star, red skill then mod

If all your current and targeted heroes in defense don’t have a red skill but are at red rank, go for mods as they can be easily claimed from invasion. Meanwhile, work on the hero disk. It’s beneficial and might buff allies. While all of this is ongoing, try to save up at least 10M gold if in future you also wish to unlock other red skills

To sum up, these are the priorities ranked from most important to the least:

  1. Mods and saving gold and other materials for unlocking red skill
  2. Friendship Disks
  3. Red skill
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