Silence mechanic

Just to be sure, there are just 4heroes with silence mechanics , right? Ralph, Rex, Tia Calms and Scar… Is there any other else that I am missing?

I’m going to guess your on S19, looking at getting Tia’s Yax disk. Go ahead and get it, but you need D&B, Goof, Duke, and another non-frontline in your team, so don’t even worry about synergizing it.

There’s also Megara, and Merlin’s transform basically acts like a Silence v2.0

Thaxs. She was the hero that was missing in my silence team :slight_smile:

Yep. It’s more for coliseum team. :slight_smile:

Hehe. When I build my blind team for the first time, it was really out of meta. Now it works pretty fine in arena. Well. It is just 3 blinding now. But when purple +3 comes out, I felix will be a incredible tank, I guess. Then I will use all 4 :slight_smile: