Silenced opponent

In the challenger colisium you earn bonus points for damage dealt to SILENCED opponents. What does silenced mean and how is it achieved?

first off, welcome to the forums! second… certain heroes silence as part of their skills, so look for those. I do not exactly remember who does that though except for Ralph who is terrible

Thank you so much for the welcome and the quick reply!

See how nice people here are, and welcome to the forums! We are glad a new person has joined the forums.

Mushu’s blue skill should silence and scare opponents but it depends on how high the opponent’s character’s level is.

Silence is a disable that prevents affected characters from using any skills besides their basic attack. Ralph is the easiest example of this, but better heroes who have it include Meg, Shang (Mu), and Mushu. Tia Dalma’s Yax disk is worth mentioning as it increases your team’s silence lengths by up to 25%.


Scar also silenced the enemy, I think…

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