Simple Invasion Request

I will use invasion breaker fights as a way to earn mastery points for heroes. Often times I will use a couple of strong heroes with good abilities to clear an entire team and 3 to 4 other heroes which may not be my strongest, but who qualify for mastery point gain. These heroes are also the first to die and aren’t necessarily quick to find in a long list of heroes.

So I am requesting that any hero which is revived in Invasion mode be automatically re-added to your lineup if a space is available. It seems pretty straightforward; if you are reviving a hero it’s probably because you want to use them.


totally agree… a little QOL is needed for this

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I would say they also need to offer s sort feature for heroes with a C aka mastery points.

Also they should make the use of power ups so you can press use all, and before you do you can give it a list of heroes, so if any of them shows up if either stop and let you pick the hero or automatically pick the hero for you unless there are 2.

One workaround is to save the team you want to use in the invasion for mastery points to select once they are all revived.

  • Хорошо бы было.

Yeah, I’m doing this now, but then I will complete a collection and need to change heroes and then I forget to update my list. It’s just a tedious thing that I think can be easily remedied.

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