Skill Cost is too much


So today I leveled up to level 106. I only had enough skill points to level 3 people up, so I did. Can you guess how much it cost? 1.45 million. I barely make that in a day on this game and now in order to be able to put up a fight against whales, I have to spend more than 5 million coins that I haven’t recovered since the last time I leveled up (thanks to how freaking long it takes to level up)! That change you made a while back is one of the stupidest things ever done to this game and it’s really starting to grind my gears.



Being at 106 you should be making about 2 mil.
About 1 mil from port
About 350-390k from city watch
And about 500-600 k from surge
And there is a guild perk to reduce skill upgrade cost

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#storyofyourlife live with it! Level up as you can👍

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We all have this issue thanks to the new QoL from PB in a recent patch notes. It went something like this:

PB: Players are hoarding gold and XP drinks so we’re gonna up the cost to prevent this

Players: we’re literally not. Please don’t. We don’t have enough gold

PB: raises cost

PB: Gold event! Get 10 million gold with any purchase of $9.99 or more!



You should be making way more than that from CW!
I’m level 107 but for the last 6 months or so I have been getting well in excess of half a million gold from completing city watch on hard. I’m assuming the op isn’t VIP 10 (due to the comment about the whales) which would get them even more but 500k should be easily achievable at that level.



I agree with what you’re saying. I’m a level 104 f2p player on server 1. Making about 2 mil a day is pretty easy, I just gave him a rough estimate.



I have no problem earn gold through port and CW but how could a F2P (like me) could ever earn that much from Surge???

The most I have earn in Surge is 200-300k…



And one more thing, we can’t always earn gold through port…



I’m a f2p player myself, while I agree you can’t get gold from port everyday but you can get a good deal of gold from surge and city watch.
Just try attacking districts 10-27 in surge



@Lupin to be fair, your original point is completely correct. The cost of skill upgrades since the “inflation” change is ridiculous. But there are ways of at least reducing the impact.
Surge, CW and the port are definitely your best sources of gold. Also look at selling some of your excess badges. Chances are that you have thousands of surplus pieces that you can sell for literally millions.

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PB: Players are hoarding gold! We must make them spend it! We’ll increase costs.
Players: Great, stuff costs more, so now I’m going to save my gold for stuff I really want.
PB: Players are now saving more gold!

This is just like AFK life.



Hoard gold! Spend gold! Question where did the gold you spent go! And finally get more gold!



Well, it is because if skills are too cheap, then all people will be maxed out in a very short span of time.



I agree that skills should not be so cheap that you can max a character too quickly but the fact is that the current rate at which costs increase is excessive and was done with no good reason.



I do agree that they are wxpensive, g t right now, I have 5 million gold from the contest and it is taking years for the skill points to refil enough for me to buy more… Upgrading Merida’s white skill from lvl 1- lvl 90. Almost there though.

Idk maybe I just need to gey my guild leader to spend influence other than in War…



You have a point. I can’t even upgrade my 6 heroes’ skills with just the gold I earned daily. I need to buy gold using diamonds. Hehehe



100k for skills was not cheap. There was no reason for PB to raise the cost to 150k+ per skill.

Edit: guess I’ll remove my main edit comment since you all felt it was inappropriate :joy:

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You can decrease the cost of skill upgrade, it’s guild perk for crying out loud!!!..



@DODO_MASTER that is true but there are a few issues with that. Firstly it only gives a relatively small reduction in cost, secondly it takes some time for a newer guild to realistically be able to unlock this perk and finally (and probably most importantly) it shouldn’t be necessary to spend hard earned guild influence to get the cost of skill upgrades to a level that is anywhere near reasonable.