Skill level slider still broken...?

Why is this still in the game? The skill level slider has been nothing but a problem since it has been put in the game. It has repeatedly used my Skill Point Consumables and gold on skills that I didn’t want to use them on, as as of the past couple of days, it resets after I level up a skill as if I didn’t do anything at all. I know I’m not the only one still experiencing tons of problems with this. It is an unnecessary feature that has caused more problems than it has provided convenience. Why is this not being looked at further and fixed??


I mean you guys are still coming out with updates when there is a pretty big problem going on with the skill point slider, and you aren’t even addressing it further even though people are still losing gold and skill point consumables to it. Why is this being ignored?

I just lost 4 mil gold. I didn’t even know it was broken. It worked a few days ago.

@polaris please look at this. I too lost more stuff today. Skill points slider still reverts as do the skill point consumables when trying to add more. Honestly just take the slider away.

Maybe that is true for others, but I like having it. It makes it easier for me to lvl up characters skills, only talking about when I wanna max skills that were at lvl one. I like the feature overall…sorry not everyone does.

I’m sure we would like it if it actually worked properly though.


Prolly, :grimacing:

Yeah, it has nothing to do with liking the feature as I’m sure I would as well if it worked properly. However, for many players, it doesn’t, and is causing us to waste gold and skill point consumables that we didn’t want to use, and the brokenness is not being addressed properly.

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2 weeks later…
@Polaris slides are still broken, can they please be done away with at least until they work properly! The frustration is ruining the whole game!

The slider cannot be removed or fixed without a client update, which is coming next Tuesday.

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