Skill Mod Uograde

With another week of purple skill upgrade materials I’m trying to figure out which hero would benefit most from the uograde. Many purple skills are clearly only useful for max lvl heroes in city watch/surge/invasion or completely useless for some max lvl heroes like Moana (gain energy based on ally’s level).

But what about a hero like Olaf? Is the power of the skill greater with the upgrade where there is less chance of enemy evasion and the slow effect will more likely last the full 4 seconds?

Heroes who’s purple skill have a Yellow numerical modifier (ie. not just a level) will benefit way more from the purple skill upgrade than any other. For example Bob, The Beast, Joy, Miss Piggy, Nick, etc…

I put both of them on Ducky and Bunny to boost their healing even more

I think you mean upgrade not uograde

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