Skill Point Limit

So I haven’t noticed this in ages because I’ve always had a decent stock of Skill Point Items that were automatically used when leveling up new hero’s, but WOW having to wait so long to level up a hero really really sucks

It’s a dated feature in the game that should just be removed entirely because of how it limits players heavily. Stamina is fine, there’s a limit on what to do each day anyway, but Skill Points? That’s just so annoying to finally get enough gold and XP to level up someone new only to level up their White skill by 27.

Please change or remove it entirely because wow, it’s not ideal

@Polaris if this is currently being looked into by the team that would be great to know


With VIP levels you can level skills of heroes without the need of Skill Points. But currently that feature is only in S22 I believe.

Anyway, I am all in for the abolition of Skill Points. It´s a useless limitation.


Jeez I didn’t even realize it was that was a perk and it’s so far up in the VIP ranks… I’m only VIP 12 after 2 years of playing

That´s only a perk in S22 for now. And for skills below a certain level.

I found the post where it was brought up, about 5 weeks ago: Update 2.2.30 Known Issues

I’d love to know if they plan to allow this on other servers, and if so, when.

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Very interesting, hopefully they just abolish the whole Skill Point system anyway. Not a user friendly function (stamina isn’t either, but it makes more sense across modern games)

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