Skill's chance to fail

So I’ve been thinking. I know that there are skills that have “chance to fail if level X or above”, but that gets me wondering on what the “chance” is. I’ve seen a discussion on this at 2018 but it died without an answer. I ask because I use Baymax a lot. He’s not the best with red skills, but he has a chance of giving allies Hardy. Even though it’s at Red Skill Level 43, that’s only for 163 and below. Since we are in the 200s now, it frustrates me especially when there’s one level that has an instant kill if you can’t block the debuff. Since Hardys remove debuffs, it makes me question: “What is the chance of the skill failing when heroes are above the level of 100% succession?” What are the chances that my Baymax can give my Mulan and Kristoff a Hardy at the beginning of the wave before they get killed by a Hector+Pleakly team-kill move?

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