So how many heroes should I focus on?

I know the answer must be more than 15.

Before I go on, I must say I’m a F2P player. This is the only Mobile game I’ve played in years, because I’ve read reviews that it’s only P2W at the top 1% competitive level, and still very friendly to F2P players. I think that’s very healthy for an online game if you don’t want the game to die within 3 years because 1. Free players quit out of frustration, and 2. Payers quite out of boredom. Also, I’m playing in Server 1, because I heard newer servers are way more competitive. As F2P, I don’t expect to be top-competitive.

I just unlocked Invasion 2 weeks ago. Next week, I will also unlock Moana from from shop tokens, that means I will have 50/55 heroes. In early game, I was hesitant to invest everything in a few heroes, because some lucky Diamond crates may give me better heroes. But now, with 50/55 unlocked, i’m sure it’s safe to seal a stamp on a number of heroes to focus on.
The question is: given the limited amount of resources, especially gold, how many heroes to work on?

A few things I have noticed since 2-3 weeks ago:

  1. Unlike early game, keeping every hero on your roster at maximum level (Team Level) is impossible. Not enough energy drinks to do it. 25 maxed heroes is a struggle; 30 is impossible. And when you unlock a new, good hero (like Hiro in shop now), it takes a chunk of drinks to bring them up to level with everyone else.
    And you HAVE to bring the new hero to max-level if you want to use them, or even try out to see whether they are any good. What’s the point of having a half-leveled hero? What mode are you gonna play them in? None.

  2. If keeping heroes at max level is a struggle, keeping their skill levels is an impossibility. No gold!!! That’s the number 1 reason Miguel is my main healer: he does good healing which scales with stats, not skill level (unlike Mickey).

  3. You clearly need to build more than 15 heroes.
    At first, you need only 5 in arena.
    Then 15 in Coliseum.
    Then at least 20 in Guild War, because of Off Duty.
    And about 25-30 in Heist: Off Duty heroes, and heroes taken by other Heist members.
    And Invasion: now you also need to choose hero by team color.

Even without the complexity of Invasion team color, I’ve heard that some day there may be up to 15 heroes off duty. So if 4 Heist members have taken 20 heroes, and 15 more are off duty, and I still need 5 more to join the Heist, does that mean I need 40 ready-to-go heroes?

  1. New heroes, and reworked heroes:
    Like every other MOBA-ish games out there, there are top-tier heroes and weak heroes. Complete balance is unobtainable. And like every other MOBA, newly released heroes tend to be very strong if not OP. That’s understandable, the game needs to make a profit to survive.
    As F2P, I don’t expect to have access to the new heroes until ~1month after release. But then, I might decide to switch my focus onto a strong new hero (the contest 2 weeks ago gave me a 4* Alice), or a strong reworked hero (Jack Sparrow, Merida).
    The meta also shifts constantly. OP heroes are nerfed, low-tier heroes are buffed. There were the Shield meta, the Freeze meta (still strong), Charm meta; and now the Slow meta and Armor Shred meta. It’s unwise to stick with the same 20 heroes forever. You need to switch around a bit every few weeks to catch up with the new meta.
    But as I mentioned earlier, the cost to bring a new lvl1 hero up to speed with everyone else is mountainous. It may take weeks to bring a hero up to level, all the while leaving every other hero in your team un-developed.

So, let the discussion goes: How many heroes should a F2P or light-spender focus on?

  1. Like you said. At least 15 for the collo composition.

Even though they said this game was not meant to keep many heroes max skilled/levelled

That’s dumb!! Every MOBA-ish game (by MOBA-ish, I mean pick 5-6 out of dozens of heroes and let them fight with other teams) is built on the Get Good With Many Heroes So You Can Synergize, Counter-Pick And Adapt With Shifting Meta mindset.

The opposite is true with Pokemon. They encourage you to capture hundreds of Pokemons, but you use 6 and only 6 to carry yourself through the Elite Four and the Champion (the final boss of each Pokemon game generation, if you haven’t played). You also only pick 6 to go through any other PvP battle or competition. You can build more than 6 to do various fun things, but you need only 6.

In a game where you get to pick different heroes through various stages of any challenge (whether PvP, or Invasion, or City Watch), having multiple ready-to-fight heroes is the only way to stay afloat.

Have you seen any MOBA-ish game where players are encouraged to play only a few heroes really well? No. DotA (115 heroes), LoL (143 heroes), or HotS (86 heroes) all started with ~40 heroes and built up to 100-ish heroes. Good players are expected to play at least 2/3 of the total number of heroes at decent level, even if they focus on only their 10-15 best.

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How many? Hmm… I have about…eight at orange or above. I want to have about 20. Of course, there is still the matter of how many of each type of hero you should have.(support,damage,control,tank)

also coming from an F2P player, I keep 5 heroes as strong as I can because a single team could in theory carry you through coliseum (or at least protect you from attacks.) When it comes to heists, I usually join second or third so I always have heroes to use.

I guess, imo, all you really need is six or seven. The other two being used mainly when you need to change your control.

(Tia Dalma to take out Healers/ Ursula for the hex)

I have mad a team that works for the most part outside of the meta. It actually centers around support and works surprisingly well.

Bit if I could keep up with a certain number, I would choose 20 heroes.

I’m also a F2P player and right now I have 16 main heroes.

My advice is that, when you choose a hero to invest in, you should consider:

  1. Their team color: For the trial as well as the invasion. You should have at least 5 main heroes for each color. Early in game, because most of my main and favorite heroes are yellow one (such a coincidence), I struggle a lot at Red and Blue team trial :frowning: especially when you get high level

  2. Their roles: Most of my main heroes are damage type (I know!), and even though they are strong, sometimes that is not enough. You should have a variety of heroes. And even better, for each color. Right now, I have 4 Tanks (1 Yellow, 1 Red and 2 Blue), 9 Damages (3 for each color), 1 control (Yellow) and 2 support (1 Red and 1 Blue).

As of now, my Blue team has no team healer. 3 of them are self heal (Olaf, Shank, Stitch).

  1. The formation: when you choose a hero, you should have in mind which formation you would put them in. How well you work with each other?

For example: I put Olaf (Moana), Elsa (Olaf), Mr.I(Elastic Girl), Merinda (EG) and Barbossa (Stitch) together.

With Moana disc of Olaf, EG of Merinda and Mr. I along with Elsa, my opponents will have a higher chance to get frozen from many sources, and then will get their HP deducted :slight_smile: And Barbossa will slow them down even more :slight_smile:

P/s: in the upcoming update, if they release a Blue team healer, I think I would invest in them :slight_smile:

P/s: Sometimes, I don’t choose some heroes, not because they are not strong, but because I don’t like them personally :slight_smile:


I just kinda level everyone and don’t really care if anyone’s “maxed” at any given time. I focus on some characters if I need them for a given friend campaign (either to unlock it or to complete it)

I’m also a F2P, and let me share you what I did…
I choose seven heroes each team. 1 tank, 3 damage, 1 support, and 1 control. They I aim to get them and upgrade them up, others remain as blue. Now 21 heroes may be enough for Coli and GW. Trials gets more balanced.

At the very, very least, 15 heroes. 5 for each team color.

Other tips:

  1. For Heists, I recommend you start your own heist instead of joining someone else’s. That way, you have dibs on heroes you can actually win with. This also mitigates any problems pertaining to off-duty heroes.

  2. Participate in City Watch and Surge DAILY. Or as often as you can. These are the modes that give a ton of gold in a short amount of time. You should try to clear as many regions as you can for Surge, but know that it’s fine if you can’t. City Watch however is where you SHOULD make a real effort to finish. If you managed to maintain 15 heroes, then you should have enough to shuffle in and out depending on what you need to overcome.

  3. Do NOT feel like you have to have all 15 heroes match your actual team level. Take your time and work on just making them equally viable. Then raise their levels when you gathered enough resources to do so. Completing the ports will greatly help you.

  4. Try not to miss out on SUNDAYS. Sunday is when you have all ports and all team trials available to you and is the one day of the week where you have the greatest opportunity to attain the most amount of resources.

EDIT: Let me list you the most notable heroes of each team color as well. DISCLAIMER though, I don’t expect all of these heroes to be available to your server.

Red: Mickey, Baymax, Hiro, WALL-E, EVE, Scar, Merida, Darkwing Duck, Kevin, Quorra.

Blue: Elsa, Olaf, Alice, The Mad Hatter, The Queen of Hearts, Hercules, Meg, Aladdin, Woody, Zurg, Shank, Ralph, Ursula.

Yellow: Jack Sparrow, Tia, Hector Barbossa, Judy, Nick*, Chief Bogo, Finnick**, Sally, Jack Skellington***, Sulley****, Mike, Miguel, Gaston, Maleficent, Moana, Maui.

*Nick is not great in PvP, but absolutely dominant in City Watch and Invasion.
**Finnick has been recently refreshed, and early results show he’s looking strong, but needs more testing from the community.
***Skellington really only works well with a team that specializes in Fantastic damage.
****Sulley is also dominant in City Watch, but relies heavily in Scare teams to work remotely well everywhere else.


Don’t join that heist 40 heroes is little to much

That doesn’t make sense. Are you in a server without Invasion?

Every server has invasion

I was talking about campaigns and arenas, but…I have gotten almost to breaker 40 using like 7 different heroes…so…

I think around 20 hero is moderate

In invasion ju need around 10 heros not so much more

I’ve made it to breaker 40 with the same team this Invasion and used virtually no revives. (But that’s only because my tank was Bogo, who disintegrates when disables are applied.) Just choose the right heroes for Invasion, and you won’t really need any extras. Alice is a strong character for blue, and Nick hits harder than the Death Star for yellow team. I’m not sure about red, since I’m on server 2.


Only problwm with Nick: When he gets KO’d, the lwmmings reset :expressionless:

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I love the fact that you use Miguel. Not a lot of people use him 'cause his healing is HORRIBLE, even without the “Cursed” effect. So i really want him to get a hero refresh so he would get… better stats.
Alright. So. You should mainly focus on your top 15. If you find out about some team up that does better, then focus on that team. Try not to be to spread out and do like… 20 or so 'cause that will really slow your progress

Uh…Miguel is pretty good when upgraded…


Yeah Miguel’s great if you just hold off on using his white skill until things are desperate

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I’m f2p and I focus on all heroes somewhat equally. Makes the game loads easier. I dont care if I have any heroes maxed. Hercules is b2, Zurg and Shank are P0, and everybody else is p2 or p3. You always have a decent team and pool of heroes. Plus, the lower you are, the easier the game is. (Without sacrificing overall rewards.)


I salute you mate! Me and you are in the same boat! :grin::relieved:

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