So is City Watch actually ever getting fixed or what?

I have half the roster at R0 or better including several R10 and can’t beat City Watch on HARD let alone Epic. Surely Perblue knows this is a problem right?

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Have you been following the usual advice: charge up several heroes to keep in reserve, don’t play on Auto more than necessary so your heroes can end the fight fully charged or nearly so, replay the fight if you think you can end in better health or with more energy?


Maybe unequip mods and disks from your best heroes before resetting, and rquip them again after. It’ll make enemies’ power escalate a bit slower

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That doesn’t help much when I have R0’s trying to get red skills vs r10’s

As best as possible but I still usually only make the 4th area.

Can I ask what your team is? :-).

Might be able to help or at least give tips.

Also, your team comp at strategy will have to change depending on what buffs are active for the enemies. I usually raid on any day that has invincibility or attack speed buffs. Those are the ones I can’t beat without a ton of effort.

There was actually something about that in those tips now showing up in the loading screen when you start the game. Specifically, PerBlue says that doesn’t help. :man_shrugging:

Well… not trying to say you’re wrong, but it DOES help me

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Hey, PerBlue is the one claiming it doesn’t help; I have no strong feelings one way or the other. After all, if the game uses the strength of your top 5 heroes to set the scaling for CW, it seems removing disks and mods would have to affect that. My only question would be, does it really help enough to be noticeable?


Top 15 all r10 are:

Piggy , Anger , Animal , Timon/Pumbaa , Meg , Goofy , Baymax , Simba/Nala, Joy, Malificent, Bo Peep , Randall , Beast , Hook and Linguini. I use them in various combinations. Best 5 the game is basing it on are in order of power Linguni , Hook , Joy , Randall and Piggy.

I see :-).

Seems like solid characters, I imagine you have tried it, but maybe a team of Beast, Randall, Timon and Pumba, Remy/Animal/Joy and Meg could be an interesting team to test. Like a team that try their best to keep Beast alive while also keeping the others alive, Timon and Pumba stopping crits.
Might not work in practice against the Mulan characters, so if going for a power team Ms.Piggy/Hook, Beast, Randall, attacker/healer/support and Meg might work better, but hard to say and if anything it require that the team can go all out in the beginning of the battle.

Though, I think recommend trying to get Nick and Sulley good as they are really good for City Watch :-).
Nick’s lemmings is really good as he can stack up to 5 lemmings in City Watch, which deals massive damage, Sulley on the other hand can team heal with his Woody disk at the end of the battles which is really handy and ensures that you always start battles at full HP :-).
Wall-E can also be good as you can stack attacks, so you can get 10 of Nick’s lemmings and such.

But yeah, hope the advice helped some and that you manage to have a easier time in City Watch :-).
In server 5 at least the Red Skill Chip crate is up now, so could spend some diamonds on it in order to get some Red skill chips that can help you clear City Watch more easily.

I guess.
But again, I never found CW to be near impossible hard, so I’m not sure how noticeable the difference is

Other characters I have between R0 - R4 are Olaf , Powerline , Ducky/Bunny , Powerline , Tigger , Eeyore , Oogie , Vanellope , Duke , Gonzo , the triplets , Scrooge , Queen of hearts , The Gerald trio, Robin Hood , Jasmine , Gaston , Launchpad, Elsa , Rapunzel, Dr F. Hank/Dory , Magica , Donald , Megavolt , Belle , Yzma , Bogo , Jessie , Woody , Mad Hatter , Fennick , Sally , Mickey Mouse , Judy Hopps , Peter , Stitch and Miguel.

Sorry for being a bit late, but slipped my mind a bit ;^^.

Anyway, I see.
I am not sure if I should recommend anyone specifically as it mainly depends on the lineup you are up against.

Still this explaining might still help you.
First of all while power creep is ever creeping, those with the highest power will still be countered by countered by crowd control as crowd control make the opponents unable to react, though crowd control is easily countered by Hardy for example, however Hardy can be countered by a buff remover, though a buff remover are weak to high damage if not protected.

Kind of like in a circle.
Damage<-Crowd Control<-Hardy<-Buff Removal<-Damage.
While it is a bit simplified as there are more counter options, it is one of the most directly related ones I think.

It isn’t 1 team that’s most important, but rather what characters that can counter the team you are fighting against.

Against Mulan and other high power new characters I would say the best bet is crowd control and probably Invincibility.

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