Some help for those struggling on Mickey Jack friendship


As stupid as this sounds I found that on part 5 with Mickey, Jack, Genie, and Hades if you take out Genie from your team the quests are MUCH easier. Hope this helps!


How could taking out a hero make a positive result??


Haha it blew my mind too! It has something to do with the distribution of damage and the focusing on the heros. Once all the enemies only focused on Hades the levels got easy


I am stuck at the very second stage of the campaign :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Could u please tell me what level are your heroes in this campaign? So that I could upgrade mine to hopefully pass this? Thank you so very much

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Nice work @Waterworld. Glad you spent some time to figure out a way to beat it other than just complaining it’s too hard. I’m not there yet, but I’ll keep that in mind.

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Lv 103 O3 Mickey 6 star Max everything

P4 jack 2 star lv 100

P4 hades 3 star level 96

P2 genie 80 3 star


I for one didn’t have too much trouble with it but I had also raised Hades and Genie as I find both of them fairly good despite other’s seemingly lack luster opinion of them. Genie has some amazing healing and his invincibility can be a godsend. Hades’ as well does great damage, or so I find. His damage redirection alao make him a fantastic tank in my opinion. I for one highly reccomend raising them even outside of this friendship.


And how about their skills? All of them are maxed?


I find this friendship campaign with Mickey and Jack soooo hard! Hardest one yet since I started playing this wonderful game!


So do I. The attack speed of Jack is so slow… and Mickey mainly heals, provides energy, barely attacks and… that’s it :frowning: Throwing Hades, Genie and Woody does not help either :frowning:

That’s why people choose Sully friendship with Mickey over Jack’s. Not because it’s more useful but because it’s more attainable…

I still don’t see why they would pair up Jack with Mickey… They have nothing in common…

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I think they have potential as well. Just not enough for me to invest in them. Furthermore, they don’t fit into my teams as of now :frowning:


XD same. I am exploring my options but I recently became kinda serious about this game…I maxed out my top 6 heroes to my lvl and upgraded all their skills. Then I also promoted them all to orange. Now working on seventh which is Baymax.

Once I finish with them, I plan to invwst in Calhoun, Moana, and Merida not necessarily in that order…


Lucky for me I have enough gold to upgrade my top 15 (not all of their skills are maxed) before the cost increase.

I am actually curious to which heroes will be introduced next upgrade… It’s nice to have some thing new in the game…


So hoping for Mulan!!!


@Waterworld I’m happy to read some struggles can still be found in friendship campaigns! And that “thinking outside the box” tactics such as removing heroes from your line-up still have a place in the friendship disk game.
That was something I did frequently in old friendship campaigns back when they were brutal. Nice work!


How? My only idea why this is is mickey can focus on supporting heroes besides Genie. That, and that an enemy affected by Makeover doesn’t take damage.