Spending boycott


I am not spending another dime in this game until the guild and xp changes are reversed. Please reply if you will also boycott spending.


Have been for a while now


Same here !!!


Lol mass people are quitting right now


I won’t be spending either.


I’m just quitting, they don’t listen, I don’t play, so simple. Reversing doesn’t heal everything. Ridiculous farming rates for ridiculously demanding badges, no former bits in higher trials, so farming must be done at lower levels for peaches, etc. Too much. Enough.


my whole top ten guild is striking


Same. Not renewing my diamond deal.


Yeah I’m done, they completely ignored outrage for an entire week then still push through this absolutely disgusting, money hungry update they tried to pass as an “improvement”. This improved nothing except for perblues bottom line.

Hopefully they come to their senses but I doubt they will


This update is awful


wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain


Yeah I’m done spending for the time being. Completely f2p until this change is reverted. I don’t even want compensation I just want the game to be as it was.


I’m on board with the boycot


F2P all the way. I encourage all others on my sever that are f2p to post it.


Same, not spending a single penny until reversal.


Yay! Morenpeople like me! :grin:

It aint as hard to live as you think it is. Welcome to the club. :upside_down_face:O

What does F2p mean? :thinking:


Free to play, meaning not spending money.


The greed of perblue is really showing now


Not spending any more money. It’s not fair. The only thing this update did was make the gap bigger between free to play and people willing to drop thousands of dollars…


Defo not a horder.