Spending boycott


They are taking the Mickey Mouse


Great thanks for telling me :grin:


Yes I agree. No more money from me. And in all my YouTube videos there definitely won’t be any good messages about the game :joy:


No money from me anymore. I’m not going to over pay for anything much less this game


But are you gonna encourage other whales to do the same? The only way Perblue will listen is if their funds are cut off.


Are you replying to me? If so I’m not a whale by any means, I am a part of a top 5 guild on server 10. Most of the discussion today has been that most of us will not be spending any more and are all really upset about this update

If you weren’t replying to me, sorry for the extra info


Not one penny. I won’t be renewing.


Unfortunately, whales will only stop shelling out money when they eventually get bored of this game and move on to the next pay-2-win mobile game that catches their eye.


i played a game before, marvel contest of champions, and in this kind of scenario where the community outrages, they boycott the game by lowering the rating of the game in play store/app store. I would like to suggest that all of us here in the forums and your friends/guildmates in the game to give this disney heroes app a 1 star rati


Good call. Not just stop our spending but block some future too.

Anywho, I went a step further and refunded the last month of purchases. Giving them no more and taking back what I wouldn’t have spent had I known better. Already had 1 refund ban, so we’ll see if I ever vet to play again.


@Polaris Should we just quit the game entirely or is there any hope that you guys will reverse this terrible decision?


The only way to get action is if enough who have spent previously stop doing so.


Yep. I’m in. Absolute terrible update.


I hadnt spent anything yet, but im definitely not right now until i see how this plays out. I had been playing with the idea of doing the daily diamond deals, but after seeing how they screwed over so many people, count me out. I need to see how they respond to their customers. That will determine my future of playing this game. I will definitely give that one star rating though. Whether or not they voukd change the code “because it was too late after announcement,” they should have just held off. There has been ZERO positive feedback about this update.


Joining the boycott.


See the difference in the amount of exp they raised in between the levels.


May I make another suggestion as well? In addition to not spending diamonds, now is the time to hoard gold and XP. They obviously keep track, and the best way to get them to change it is to show their terrible plan backfired.

Anyway, it’s no longer worth it to power up heroes outside your top ~15 given the cost


You survived countless badge updates, decades of Tia and Quorra meta just to cry after they raised the gold costs and XP requirements by 20k?

Te most funniest part is that there are no whales on this forum and those who give considerable amount of money to PerBlue, would not care about this changes.

By the way, where have you seen a mobile game, fair and balanced for F2P players? I cant remember these :rofl:

And when you understand this, you get that it’s not devs that should entertain you, its you should find an entertainment in the game you want.


Agreed. We are a top 5 guild on server 7. We are fully boycotting spending any real money and diamonds.
This update is unbelievable and extremely greedy.
Are we not already spending enough real money on your game?
Perblue, you are destroying your own game and I really hope this comes back to bite you.


Updating promotion and team levels is one thing, because if they stayed at like 70 P2, everyone would have maxxed months ago and the game would be terrible.

I don’t agree with the Baymax nerf but I see why they neef those three most over used characters.

Changing skill and XP costs that whales have already done cheaply just furthers the divide, and also is a slap to the face if every player because of their reasoning. It literally affects everyone but F2P and light soenders worse.

The best ftp game ever is Dragalia Lost. you can beat 100% of content with no momey spent, and there is no competition. But it has actual fun game play.