Spending boycott


It was so funny to read, thx.

  1. People were ranting not about badges, but about small amount of time between updates.

  2. Yeah, being the best tank in the game and giving 20k shields with active was fair, wonder why should they nerf…

  3. I can assure you, its nothing compared to badge updates. A player with minimal amount of money spent can hardly get all badges on more than 6 orange 1 heroes. 6 out of many. For a month. And then you have to grind for O2 all the next month.
    This means you cannot quiet adapt to meta changes if u didnt start building for it previously, your colloseum pool won’t get you higher than plat 1 and you have low variety in arena. The difference between top 1 and top 200 on 1-10 servers is almost more than 1kk.

And then you can that stupid 20k gold increase would make even worse? No, shouldve get used to this. Should’ve get used to the fact half of things done in this game may make no sense in terms of balance.

Why didn’t you?

But still, ill tell you my reasoning.

To make one certain hero competitve, you should spend a month grinding for badges, 2 for chips and less than 6 days of maxing abilities. Now it takes you 1 -2 days more, so bad, yeah.

And yes

 there is no competition

You just answered yourself the reason why we cant compare that game to this game.


I boycotted as well and sent out message elsewhere that goes across servers to boycott. Vote with your wallets people.


Anyone else who has Stockholm syndrome about F2P and Gacha type games should check out DL and check its forum. Turns out you can have an ethical f2p model, make money, and listen to what your players tell you all at once. People get excited for events and characters in DL, and it’s a running joke that any minor issue will result in compensation currency and a fix in short order. It’s a much less dismal experience logging in there


Me and my guild are joining the boycott. Daily diamonds expire in 5 days, and I won’t be renewing.


I have confirmed a lot of top ranked guilds are boycotting… this would need to be changed back soon youd think


Maybe your point about gold increase and experience would stand if it were at all accurate. This wasn’t a simply 20k increase. This was a 213k increase from 86-100, and that only gets worse with 105 being released on S1, and that is only one skill on one hero. The experience gain is also absurd although I do not know the math on that as gold is the tighter bottleneck. They jacked up the price scaling of skills by 300%. While your point about badges isn’t wrong it is easily offset with double drops in campaigns which are frequently included in contests and offers be it for money or diamonds. Whereas gold is not only used for skills. It is also used for enhancements, hero stars, badge crafting, mercenaries in surge, and the different markets.

Myself and many othet players aren’t necessarily upset by the update but more the supposed reasoning behind them and the fact that this creates a precedent, one that makes it possible to keep jacking up the prices by absurd amounts just to line their own pockets. I don’t think anyone reasonable expects the game to be competitive regardless of whether or not they spend money. I think everyone comes in with knowing that if you pay you will get ahead plain and simple.

Also with the nerfs to heroes, I will say yet again that a better way to go about balancing heroes should not be with nerfs but rather buffs to different counters to strong heroes. For instance with Baymax, buff Dash amd/or his disk with Violet, or buff up Rex and/or his disk with Woody. For Quorra buff counters to her in say Finnick who has an energy drain disk, slows and knockbacks. And so on. This doesn’t punish players for investing in certain characters along with incentivizing a balanced roster and having more choices when building teams. However with the two changes that were passed through now you have players who invested in said nerfed characters and may need to raise other characters which is now more expensive.

Also many whales on the forum have expressed how this update makes no sense and how unfair it is to everyone else and I have seen similar comments in my guild and in my respective VIP chat.


That is the most annoyng part. Sometimes i cant craft an orange1-2 badge cause i am actually out of lower blue bits…


While your point about badges isn’t wrong it is easily offset with double drops in campaigns which are frequently included in contests and offers be it for money or diamonds.

Remember when they allowed double port drops for VIP? Oh, look, theres an incentive to spend money.
I believe they ruined the whole system with this because VIP 4 is extremely easy to get and because those who paid ZERO money at all have no chance in every mobile game, so…

Max port gives us 200 mega exp drinks as well as drinks of any type. It used to be a lot before, and it’s like nothing now, but then…

You know that double EXP boost is also a thing, right? The same as double drops.
This means youre telling me that badges may be fine, because they can be doubled and it’s somehow supposed to be enough for you, but you can do the same with drinks, because most of them you get from raiding.

I spent a huge amount of time pointing out all the problems in PvP. It didn’t work or it did right after everyone had Quorra and Tia.

You just have to admit they were not supposed to make a competitive game with some huge balanced hero pool. Or maybe they cannot balance it. Just wait half a year till they fix Ursula Flynn interaction and nerf Maleficent’s stun to 3 seconds.

And ha-ha, i liked the part when you stated that this game shouldnt be competitive and devs dont care and then you say “theyd better buff Dash”.

Maybe because they are not the real ones?
All the list of “whales” on our server (with power about 800k-1300k) have more than 75% of their hero roster maxed and having new heroes leveled up to maximum and upgraded with gold as well.
Or you expect them to be “oh god they want more money than i gave them so i should give up the game and everything i spent on it”?

I wanted to say something else about this, but you answered every point you asked me yourself:

There are 2 much effort spent on counting, analysing if something is good or bad for a game that supports donating. You can close every arguement about mobile game issues with that statement, you know?


@DJHeat what is this game called???


The poster I was replying to mentioned it: Dragalia Lost, it’s a bit different than this game so it’s understandable if people wouldn’t jump ship to it, but it’s pretty fun and Cygames is a great example of a company that can interact positively with its players


Hmmm maybe imma check it out :upside_down_face: as long as it aint a shooting game. I seem to really really bad at those.


Astello, I’m a whale. I’ve spent thousands. I’m upset and boycotting.


Very simple way to balance the game would be to arrange war by top 15 combat. Forces combat efficiency instead of just going up and up.


I’m boycotting. I can’t afford to level my current heroes, much less try to level new ones.


Games that claim they are free and then have massive pay to play deals take the grinding fun out. The you get punished for not paying. If I wanted to pay monthly for a game I’d get origin or wow.


Should i thank you for charity? :rofl:

I mean, you could always keep back with money throwing until you get what devs doing.
And the thing they were doing was obvious since the beginning.


Agreed with all comments and happy to add to the boycott list.


This is such a great idea. I hope something changes so we don’t lose even more players


Yea. I renewed my 30-day subscription a few days ago and I think I will hold it off next time.

Since July 2018 I have never missed a day and always bought 30-days diamond deal.

Now I just think of quitting, simply and swiftly.


Not a whale but I do spend a decent amount on this game. I’m 100 percent boycotting any spending.