Spending boycott


THEY ARE LIARS. The idea they try to push that this game has an “economy” is a lie. If you cant trade resources it isnt an economy. There is NOTHING “hoarding” harms in any way. This is an excuse to increase cost to reduce those resources so you spend more money and diamonds. Plain as day. I wont spend anymore either until they fix it, or at the very least say “we did this update and increased prices to make you spend more money because we are greedy”. At least then they would be honest crooks.


Incorrect. You had said it yourself that VIP4 is very easy to earn. The offers from fyber and tapjoy get you both diamonds and VIP rings. There have been plenty of players, some even in my own guild, who use the offers as an alternative to spend money and have easily gotten to even VIP 11.

Yes there is double hero xp but that is only for campaign experience. It does not double XP from drinks and the only way to get hero XP is by manually running chapters, not raiding them. Making such items little more than dead weight.

I never said the game shouldn’t be competitive or the devs do not care. They have done a decent job at listening to the community. Examples being the heist kick feature, guild wars being released, bringing in some highly requested characters like Darkwing Duck. Could they be better? Absolutely. Hence this whole topic of people boycotting. We don’t agree with their decisions so now we are telling them as such with cutting our spending on the game.

My point was that f2p and the whales would obviously be on the opposite sides of the spectrum as far as power and diversity of roster. That doesn’t mean they can’t have a balanced game. Lastly the idea of buffing Dash was simply an alternative to nerfing Baymax because as I had said before, buffing heroes will be better for the player base as a whole versus nerfing supposedly “OP” heroes.

I’m not sure what you define as a real whale? There have been players both on here and in game that have admitted to being as such and have joined the boycott. I don’t get why you would question the validity of that admission.

Also I do not expect all the whales to join in. No one has any obligation to join in this boycott. We just want as many people to stop spending as possible in an effort to have PB pay attention to the disagreement we have with this price hike.


I regretfullu bought the year long daily gems but this company made me regret it so I will never support another company like that again.

When will they even respond and acknowledge that people are upset by this?


I’m a whale and me and a lot of my guild guild who are also high end players are boycotting. We will never put another dime into Perblue unless they start making changes that HELP everyone, not nickel and dime everyone.


Ahh, there you are! I love your YouTube videos!! -I’m with you on this too!


Whale here, boycotting too, not spending any dime until they make changes that help people.
This doesn’t help the economy, if people want to keep up people have to spend much more miney, this isn’t fun anymore.


I believe the update is to balance the “checkbook”, per se. There have been way too many refund reports, which was certainly accurate on the players part.

I’ve never seen a game that preys on the “poor” and indulges the “rich” quite like this one. I absolutely love this game but it’s no longer fun to lose. It’s unfair to work so hard to build your heroes just for the “new guy” to beat you so effortlessly…

Per Blue, listen to your fans please and keep in mind that we are in a shutdown here in the US…


I’m almost VIP 14 but I’m not spending any more on this game…when it started out it was great…slowly but surely they have introduced various bundles on a daily basis…it is now about how much money can they make. I may or may not still buy the monthly deal but i will not buy another bundle until somethimg changes.
The gulf between free to play and pay to win is just too great now


Good idea, just did it!


Our top10 guild is striking


Absolutely agree. For me, this last money issue just took the biscuit. Farming has been the worst thing in the whole game from minute 1. Rates of 3, 2 or even 1 (!!!) out of 10 and 150-purple-and-orange-bit badges, simply unbearable, dull and desperating… Then trials, peach and beetle farming 3 levels below… They did the same in DragonSoul, and then Gree included every single drop from previous levels in the higher ones.


Hi Pak, nice to see you here! Are you all in DSG boycotting?


@Polaris is Perblue going to even acknowledge our complaints? Complete silence is demoralizing and making people quit


Im semi quit also. No more spending, no more leveling, only finish daily quest n surge.


Not a whale but I am halfway into VIP 12. The poor farm rates is maddening but I would be ok with the increase in skill cost and XP, if and only if they are doing it to slow down the progression of cap/ badge increases. However, the simple fact that per blue is not acknowledging any of the complaints that have been made is enough to make me join the boycott.


They wont listen to us but they WILL listen to money


Why are you even on these forums?


Actually they rise gold/hero xp because they want to sell it in $$. They just looking for nonsense reason n hope the players stupid enough to believe. Then after all suffer for gold/xp, they come to the rescue with their $$ deals.


They listen before when the arena and coli reward is not given equally to players… and they did actions when whales got refund there money… so if whales refunded again there money(a certain amount refunded), i think they will do action again after a while… its all about money…



Top 200 player in server 1, PerBlue is clearly monitoring the forum to block posts. Wish they would just respond.

Gold is already a huge limiting factor in this game, and like it has been said many times, this just furthers the gap between Whales and the rest. I’ve spent a few hundred on the game and I feel like a free to pay player. Can’t imagine what true F2P players feel like.