Spending boycott


I’m TL98.

I burned through those ducks lol


Lol yes but still they are easily farmable than other badges don’t you think.


Yes, but the deal they were included with was fine without them. lik $5 for 45000 badge bazaar tokens, and like 5 purple badges.


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Yes enhancement exists but what are you trying to say? Deal is stupid according to you or not? Definitely previous deals were much better with O2 badges that’s why I said this deal is ridiculous. How does enhancement fit into this?


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you are „unfortunately“ right…what Kind of currency is that ??? I would be broke here in Germany :dizzy_face:


Patch notes: “We’re increasing gold prices this update. Players have too much.”

Post-Update In Game: “Celebration package with 7M, please buy it for $49.99.”

Yeahhhh, I’m done giving my money to these guys.


Or how about today 3x gold from City Watch which was like 2.5 million gold…


I had three City Watches saved up so I got 7.5M today. No money spent. :grin: I think I’ll hoard it.


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Look no need to get riled up buddy. I have different perspective than you. The fact they included a green badge in it; I didn’t like it at all. After the update I thought badge deals will be either O2 or O3 badges that I require right now. Above badges I don’t need so will not think of it. Last deal that I bought had Diablo piedra, whale of a tale, mouse o’lantern, customer of year and 2 more o2 badges I needed. I like a deal if it saves me a ton of stamina needed to collect all the bits. This deal is good no doubt but I don’t require and as you can see my first post was about the green badge included not questioning the value of said deal. Stop trying to be a know it all as I had entirely different mind set on this deal. Nice calculation there but still stamina required for badges I mentioned is far more than required to craft badges which the deal is offering. Look don’t start a fight for no reason and have a decent argument if you want to disagree. At least try to understand others perspective. And now I’m telling you don’t put your hands on keyboard just to disagree and proving other person wrong just for the sake of it. I hope you understand what I’m saying if not try to not think too hard on this and enjoy game in whatever way you like.


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Deal always comes at different prices. I am talking about the deal that cost the same. Don’t you get it? Also the number of badges we get varies with price. Then again there are quite a few number of deals with different o2 badges better than this one.My perspective with stamina requirement still stands though lol. You keep forgetting I never questioned this deal’s value but hey you gotta fight and argue. Also I said I don’t require these badges so it’s useless for me anyway. Nothing I say is in general that applies to everyone. Saying i don’t have logic when you keep jumping to conclusions lol okay whatever.


I spent some time searching for any kind of deal you listed and found nothing.
I guess you’re either lying or playing on server 1, because, i heard they have some better deals sometimes.
At least i found my bundle, and the most recent one on my server.

The thing is that im trying to find any kind of facts and stuff, and all you answer is… i dont even know what is this lol, no proofs, no anything, keep getting attention, i guess, thats all you wanted when you listed those 20 ducks from the deal.


Yes I’m on server 1 and yes we had those deals that I’m talking about. If you didn’t know then again you assumed and jumped to conclusions. The deal you r showing I never had such deal. I don’t know how deals are given whether it is always same for all or player dependent. As I am sure 40 or 50 lvl player won’t need orange badges. So why even fight or argue with such stubbornness with me. Why will I have proof of these deals? I don’t take screenshots I mean why or what is the point? I dont start fight with people online so I don’t have proof for just in case so I can prove my righteousness. What attention are you talking about when you are the one looking desperate for it by picking up fight. My first post clearly jokes on green badge inclusion nothing else. We are here from there arguing about everything else. I already told you 2 times I didn’t questioned about it’s value. The green badge I didn’t like it that’s it, that’s what I said in my first post. Why would I lie. I liked this game and it’s become ridiculous hence complain. You are assuming too much.


I wouldn’t think of jumping if i knew ur trying to tell me something.it doesn’t look like this sadly.

What’s your point, that that deal is bad or what? For servers other than 1, its the most valuable so far. Then talk me about stubborness if you can’t accept that we couldn’t have other deals like this before and stating that including 20 ducks is stupid.

No, ducks are fine, but your point, on the other hand…


You are stubborn. I said already the deal is good no doubt but didn’t like that they included ducks. Still you are asking if I think deal is bad. Yes deal is fine for other servers including you. But not for me. It is useless for me so I made a post in a light mood jokingly. Why are you so upset with it? I shared my opinion am I not allowed to do so? Of course I am and that’s why I did. I wanted to share it with people who are like minded. But then you argued not in a respectable manner. So I tried to tell you my perspective. You don’t have to agree with me, like I said before what I say is not applicable to everyone but some people do share my opinion. Lastly it was just a joke and you took it so far. I also mentioned don’t think too hard on this. You think ducks are fine while I don’t think it is cause I have 100’s and they are just there. Difference of opinion and requirement nothing to argue about. My point stands for me and yours for you. I hope we can end this conversation on a light note.


Your arguing with a person who is obviously a whale and likes to thinl they know best even though they don’t.