Spending boycott


Now u guys know why they rise gold/xp so high rite?


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I wish you would have joined up with us, Razz! You were a great guildie in the short time I played with you.

Best wishes, my friend!



Stay on the forums? Imma miss you here if you don’t



This just shows us that Ursula is such a balanced character, and nothing else


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I think you have hit the nail right on the head Razz, better deals all the time now as the pain of the boycott is being felt by Perblue, this update, ridiculous as it stands, is causing many to leave.
The refund part I wasn’t aware of but definitely going to look into that.
All the best Razz.


Yep. Saw a 100 diamond crate deal for 9.99 that can be purchased 3 times. Normally I’d drop 30 on that for 300 crates but I can’t support these recent changes. Very telling how after the community is foaming at the mouth they offer some pretty good deals.


I don’t have money to spend normally


Same over here on server 7
It hurts - but it hurts Perblue more


A license can be revoked…


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I think PB wont be considering this boycott… bec there are still more whales in our server 7… they still competing on the contest… unless we hit a certain amount of refunds… like what happened before in arena and coli daily rewards…


The amount of players quitting is startling I’m sure we lost 4 guilds this week


I know that my guild has lost a few and we aren’t happy about it. I guarentee that these people aren’t coming back either. Makes me sad to know that a change like this ever happened to begin with. There is definitely a noticed slow in progression and that doesn’t reflect well on making the game less of a grind. This game at this point is NOT beginner friendly. I can’t even imagine the look on someone news face when you tell them they have to collect a hundred million gold and focus on only 15 champs. No point in even collecting all of them at this point. You basically need to play flavor of the season and only go after and level the most overpowered champs.


It’s changed nothing we now have an op duck and I can’t win as it smashes my shields every time it’s only meant to have a 25 percent chance. Focus on bugs not ripping us off. The whales still have this over powered hero and maxed and disked why can’t per blue see this?


All you have stopped is moderate spenders and f2p from competing and they are quitting the numbers quitting must be astronomical.


Oh, don’t forget the crashes that were also introduced with this ridiculous update, every 10 minutes I get kicked out! And when I am in I can’t afford to do anything due to the updates… what is that other game about to be released?


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@Polaris Big Spender here. I’m not spending at all till you undo Nerfs on heroes I spent serious money upgrading.