Star Butterfly (Likely Hero Concept)



Star: :star:
Trial Team- Yellow
Damage Mastery
Quote- “I’m a magical princess from another dimension”
Entrance- Comes in from another Dimension
Victory- spawns Laser Puppies
Defeat- Spawns an Explosion in front of Her
Basic attack- Blasts an enemy with her Wand

White skill: Narwhal Blast- Blasts Narwhals through the Enemies Dealing x damage for 4 Seconds

Green Skill: Cupcake Blast- Blasts Cupcakes at the Highest HP Enemy Dealing X damage

Blue Skill: Rainbow Blast- Blasts Rainbows and Hearts and Bunnies and Charms the Enemy with the Highest HP for 5 seconds

Purple Skill: Star The Butterfly- During “Rainbow Blast” There is a x% Chance that The enemy will be Charmed for 7 seconds

Red Skill: The Whisper Spell- During “Narwhal Blast” The Damage will be increased by x%
Max Health
Max Damage for “Cupcake Blast”
Max Defense

Friendships Merlin, Magica Da Spell

Wizard or Mage?
Allies Madam Mim, The Evil Queen, Elsa
Max Damage for “Narwhal Blast”

Bad Magic and Good Magic
Allies Maleficent, Ian Lightfoot, The Facilier
Max Defense

These concepts still feel rapid fire and you are missing the role, which is very important. I cannot give full feedback until a role is given.

You do not need this. This is not what a role is. The roles are Tank, Damage, Support, Control.


Oops I thought it was a role

Fixed it and now it’s finished

Hey guys sorry for having the word “blast” being mentioned so many times. Well most of Stars Spells do have the word blast in them

You’re improving, so that’s good!


Thanks dude

Yeah ur good keep up the good work someday star would be in the game

Hi! Glad you liked the Concept but please don’t Revive topics that haven’t been used for that long. Thank you!

Wait so you can’t say that a concept looks great? And you like it?

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