State of the game in my opinion

The “many pay and don’t even play properly” part makes me mad every time. The top player has 200M total power. 1000 collection level. Maxed every red skill. Has 15, 2M power characters and doesn’t play with that much interest. Why? I know the answer to that. Because he has nothing to do. He can get literally everything by paying. So he doesn’t even bother. I’m not mad that he pays. I’m mad that it’s not at all f2p. For example someone got that wasabi deal and I didn’t. He can literally crush me. This new heroes are “too op”. As kira said it will collapse on itself. Just release the new rank/colour. That’s why they are delaying it. To grab more money now. As many will quit or spend very very less after new rank is introduced.


This does not bother me at all, it’s a PvP thing. On the other hand, balance can be remade in older servers @Polaris. It’s not lost! In S22 little spending does not matter and most aren’t willing to spend hundreds.

The real problem. People can’t progress. Polaris, you release on average 3 heroes a month, but aren’t giving players freely enough resources to even cover half of the cost from W to Max Rank for these. That’s why people feel pressured and are likely to leave, thinning out the Player Base.
There should be more ways to gain Stamina through OR redo the Badge Bazaar OR up the existing sources of Stamina Consumables (Mega Mart, Invasion Tiers, Special Crates etc.) OR lowering the costs of Previous Chapters below 6 (makes sense since you are lowering the cost of older badges in Mega Mart and Black Market with each cap raise).

OR just do all the 4 “ORs” together and the stance will dramatically change. Big QoL, much appreciated update by everyone. Vocal players in forums will praise, silent players will stay the same, they don’t pour as much time into the game.


I technically didn’t technically say that bluntly that the game will collapse, but it is in my view that if Player Satisfaction isn’t taken seriously it will lead to a bad/negative feedback loop.
By bad/negative feedback loop I mean for example that some players leaves either from moving on or from the game being too P2W/P2P, which leads to PerBlue trying to recover the leaving players by something P2W/P2P related, which players may react pretty negatively to and some players end up leaving or not spending.

That loop may repeat itself, meaning that the game become more and more P2W/P2P and players becoming more and more dissatisfacted and may end up leaving or stop spending, so yeah meaning that PerBlue might again add something more P2W/P2P and the players getting even more disstatisfacted and more players ends up leaving or stop spending. It could be the players that in the first round stopped spending that ends up leaving, so yeah a bad/negative feedback loop that leads to the game eventually maybe collapsing on itself as the game has become P2W/P2P that most people may want to play.

The fact that people voted on [Hero Management] wasn’t meant as [Hero UI Management] to players, but rather [Hero Cost Management] as in reducing the costs of like badge costs with badges costing less bits.

One could say that this was misleading in itself by not actually stating that [Hero Management] actually meant UI improvements, and as far as UI improvements goes it is something we the least need urgency wise. Although, I am not going to disagree that it will likely improve the game for new players as they can hopefully more likely easily check what character does what. which will also be helpful for longer playing players as well.

While [Hero UI Management] may technically improve Player Satisfaction some if the improvements to searchability and findability is really improved, however it doesn’t help with the core cost problem you really have.
Like for Christmas you wish for a new bed as you really need a new bed, however instead of getting a new bed you end up getting new pillows and duvets. The new pillows and duvets are nice and may help some, but it isn’t actually what you needed which would be a new bed. It is a bit like this in terms of the [Hero UI Management] vs [Hero Cost Management], the bed representing [Hero Cost Management] and the pillows and duvets representing [Hero UI Management].

So as far as [Hero Cost Management] goes it is what players want and need the most, [Hero UI Management] are nice and helpful, but not what the players needed the most.


Very well said Kira. :slight_smile:

I think it should have been named Hero Interface instead of Hero Management.

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Thanks Numi and glad you like what I said :-).

And yeah, [Hero Interface] or [Hero Collection Interface], or [Hero Collection UI] would have been better and actually communicate what PerBlue meant with [Hero Management] as unfortunately such a too unspecific naming lead to the players being kind of mislead most likely, or at least it setup different expectations which is really unfortunate.

Can’t do much with it now, other than that PerBlue hopefully soon take Player Satisfaction seriously and actually go in for making Disney Heroes’s experience better and more enjoyable for players, rather than feeing that the game is trying to extort players for as much more as possible.
While it is completely fair if games want to earn money, if so they should try to aim to make the game fun as if so players want to play and more likely want to spend out of goodwill, that creating a positive feedback loop.

You need to maintain a stable money: player appreciation ratio. Obviously, it’s hard, but if it gets too high obviously you have to close the game.

Yeah, I get that they need money, but I don’t really get the fact that they don’t seem at all to try to compensate for things that lower Player Satisfaction in any way, which is likely causing players players to leave or stop spending as they don’t feel like the game is giving them enough back to that they want to spend.

Definitely something PerBlue needs to review if they want Disney Heroes to survive a long time.
Players who have left may not be completely lost, if word of mouth tells them that the game has gotten a lot better, so it is possible to draw a portion of the players who left back, which is what they should aim to by increasing Player Satisfaction overall.


People understand Perblue needs to make money. Without it, this game cant survive. But the thing is, everything has its limit. Once it is broken, all is gone

Our player community now is so mad at Perblue that even a small mistake (intentional or not) can lead to furious outrage. People are tired, disappointed and honestly, I cant blame them

There are times when people over-reacting so bad that Polaris has to close the threads and say things like “they have feeling and they feel hurt too”

I dont say this is right or wrong (on both sides). I just always wonder 1 simple thing: they DO know the core problem of their game and yet they do NOTHING to fix it???

As a Disney fan, I dont want this game dead. But if everything stays the same, that will happen one day! Nothing last forever, especially mobile games

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Servers are costly. If there was a possibility to make a parallel app that needs no server support, I would see the future at least promising.
Right now, servers can be turned off in a whim.

But I think there is a deal with Disney that prevents a continuation of the game without opened servers.

Please understand I mean no disrespect with my the following comments but.
If it wasn’t for this player and others like them then you wouldn’t have a game to play or for that matter complain about.
One issue I’m finding is that the pay deals are simply lack value. There are many players like myself that are ok with contributing $10 - $20 a month to support the game. The way I see it if your spending an hour or two a day on the game then your paying for a service to provide you with some for of entertainment.
Another issue is that $10 - $20 a month cannot support the resources required to manage a top 20 - 25 toon while trying to enjoy the idea of using new toons.
I hate to say it but while many complain about too many new toons being added I really wouldn’t want to be using the same top 20 every day for an extended period of time. What fun is that.
Yes there are plenty of FTP that continue to quit based on the dynamic of the game but that doesn’t hurt them. What hurts them are players like me who are willing to contribute financially and yet still can’t seem to enjoy the game anymore because they are getting nowhere anymore.

Yep, the price tag is $20 to fully raise a new character. And $2-$3 to push one character up a rank. So with $20 you can get like 7-10 from R18 to R19 immediately and maybe 5-7 more freely.
That quite sucks.

I should amend this to:
They benefit when FTP quit as they can then merge and shut down servers to have less cost while maintaining players that actually are supporting them.

@Polaris Hey I’ll make it short. I can hit the level increase easily and max the skills easily too but I can’t max the rank of my characters. I’m talking about my top 15 only(not 130+ characters). So how can I get more stamina to max the rank of my top 15? Without paying actual money.

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FTP players usually don’t quit. The paying players do.

@Polaris If you see this post and our replies, especially my post about the negative feedback loop Disney Heroes are now in Player Satisfaction wise as it is a really serious issue.

A reply of some sort would be highly appreciated, overall players aren’t too happy right now and you as the community manager are suppose to be the messager and mediator between us players and PerBlue.

While I doubt it is likely, but if possible would it be an opportunity between some of us players and some of you at PerBlue get together, and talk together about how to best ensure that Disney Heroes survive as long as possible given the fact that the decline now are way more worse than it should be for the long run.

While still in beta technically so things might chance once the global release it, but the Disney Mirrorverse team are relatively active in the Disney Mirroverse game and sometimes ask for feedback specifically, or like this just taking note of something:

While understand it might be a bit much to like be as active in communication with players like the Disney Heroes team do, but like once a week or at least once a month were we players could actually get to discuss with the team it would be really appreciated, as overall the communication could overall be better and it would help keep up Player Satisfaction better which is something really needed right now for Disney Heroes.

So yeah, if something like this could happen it would be really appreciated, and yeah wish you at PerBlue all the best of luck as I want Disney Heroes to be the best game it can be for both players experience wise and revenue wise for PerBlue as in being able to keep the game up and running :-).


Disney Heroes also asked for feedback… only in beta though, as is Mirrorverse.

I see and yeah, but as far as after beta we will still have to wait and see.
But yeah, I hope PerBlue would be up for us players more directly having a chat with them and together figure out the best way to help stabilize Disney Heroes long team health.

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