Stop with those double cap raises

I think I can speak for everyone that we are tired of those constantly double cap raises on server 21. It’s not fun anymore to play to just try to keep up, this is a total nonsense, the cost of a single badge is way too much expensive even if you are a spender, I can’t imagine for those who are F2P. The double drops change nothing as it doesn’t reduce the cost of all those things enough. The badge booster crates start to become useless as you have to raid the new badges and don’t give enough new badges…

Please, stop it, or at least, make a quadruple drops like we had for the new year, give us a good reason to keep playing Disney. Because right now, it just getting worse. We love Disney but we have our limit @Samm


We appreciate your honest feedback. Keeping the game fun and engaging is a top priority. Balancing a game is tough, but we’ll do what we can to help make things easier. I will pass along your suggestion for the quad drops!


What are quad drops

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Or like… @Samm we could have guild perks for normal campaign and elite campaign chapters to cost less stamina… :man_shrugging: also possible.


Sadly game is getting more and more cash grab every time developers raise up level cap. Imagine how the game gives you resources not bare enough per day to keep up. I spent a lot already and I’m planning on not spending more for this BS. Even new heroes added are way too OVERPOWERED so you really need to get each of them. Just to keep up with the loyal 1%, you need to spend more. Not fun. Very draining. The only thing that won’t keep the game repetitive is if you have cash to spend for some cheap change.


I think the Badge Booster Crates can help a lot in terms mitigating the pressure some in terms of the Double Drops, so yeah here is a post detailing how to do it and has screenshots :-).

I think Numi may have a method that’s technically better even if a bit more advanced, but yeah really recommend leaning how to use the Badge Booster Crates as they make Cap Raises a lot more bearable :-).


I think a good solution would be to always have the level up crate and pot of gold crate turned on for servers receiving double cap raises. It would give players a good place to spend gems and help get heroes up to the cap.

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You could pause caps for higher servers instead of making us play catch up. …


Balancing a game by punishing the majority to compensate for a minority that was allowed to run rampant doesn’t make sense. Cap them until the other eventually catch up under normal circumstances. This is destroying the game by making people want to quit.

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It looks like that’s what they’re aiming for, making players quit, so they can ditch this game and move on to other ones. They should have all the data showing declining player population. They’re just milking out what they can and there are still players who are still falling for it. At the end of the day it’s all business, profit before players.


Or maybe starting with chapter 69… as suggested before… separate the cap increases based on the chapter being even and odd on the older servers… this should give the newer servers a better chance to naturally catch up. So for example… chapter 69 would be level 375 but remain at yellow 27. Chapters 70 would remain at 375 while the yellow rank (or new color) updates. :man_shrugging:

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They are useless…


5 equipped, sixth crafted but not equipped. That´s the real way to disable random drops.

This would be so good.
But sadly it won´t happen for… quite obvious reasons.


Player feedback time!
You wanna know why players leave instead of come back or play continuously?

Take your time reading.

Here are the problems old players, new players, and spenders, f2p player alike are facing in the game: (oooh this is gonna be so boring)

  1. Very vital component of the game are energy and gold. Used to max out upgrade for heroes. Rewards everyday are scarce, and taking too long to be acquired while the game maintains updating and increasing level cap, item requirements etc. What does it do? Well, it’s simple really, it makes the game stressful and tiring to play competitively anymore unless you have to pay for the “supposed to be” “necessary items” to progress. So frackin sad. Movin on…

  2. What does increasing level cap do?

  • it will make upgrading heroes with gold and energy harder. Oooh yeaah gold and energy, gold is necessary to upgrade skills. Gold a player should spend to upgrade heroes scales base on heroes’ level. And we have to buy gold? Energy? The game can’t even increase port rewards! You even have to wait a day for the port to open. So what’s the problem? Problem is, the game keeps on increasing level cap and resource requirement for heroes to get strong fast, but the game doesn’t even bother increasing rewards at the same time. Little change from rewards aren’t gonna cut it either, sadly.
  1. And oh, since developers don’t really play, of course they won’t even notice that there arent any source of skill color upgrade materials. Oops. What an obvious game flaw. You can only get it if you buy it with real money. Hurray for devs.

  2. Let’s not forget about adding heroes. Yeeeaaah! What’s more brutal than not giving players time to breathe? Well here you go! Aside from not being able to keep up anymore unless you pay money, they also add more heroes that are so overpowered! Well something counters something yeah. But of course, it will have to be… another NEW HERO! Not a surprise. Imagine trying to keep up with everything, focusing on upgrading some heroes then all of it gets beaten by one new hero. Yeah nice. Oh oh oh and yeah there’s more of course. We’re not done yet haha. Adding new hero and everyone have to spend to keep up. Ain’t that funny?

  3. And just for the sake of everyone, I’ll just impart some of the very great things that will keep your fanbase, your loyal players. Wow! Feedback! Yay! (Up to you if you want to keep players and have some more lol).

  4. For the devs, there’s a lot more to tell you. But valuable things can only be noticed when you play the game. You should also spend time listening to player feedbacks. Oh trust me on this. This is how you keep customers loyal, period.

What you need to do, is cut the freaking level cap. What you need to do is make the game more fun even without increasing the level cap how? Make your players think of strategies. Make them be invested in thinking, how? Make them build hero teams to counter another hero team. Make more heroes to adjust the balance of the game, that way… You can earn, while not putting stress to the players. Because they will have to buy heroes! You can even make hero skins in the future. But to adjust level cap? Resource requirements? Good suicide move devs! Imagine getting players to buy energy and gold for them to keep up hahahahahaha. So flippin funny. (For the players, just think about how much food you can buy with all those money you spent in the game. Lol you can even buy gifts for yourself, your family, or even buy yourself a pc. Think about it)

Playing this game competitively is going to cost a lot for players. And there will come a point where players can’t spare anymore. All the things you need to move forward in this game is bought by real money. If one waits and grinds everyday, knowing there’ll be nonstop game updates, they won’t catch up anymore. It is a good idea to make this game interesting, by making game modes like “counter this hero mode” or “1 v 1 mode” it makes every player think and collect heroes instead of making them pay for gold and energy to upgrade heroes.

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