Strange heist occurences


Ok, so I finally caught it on screenshot. On the super rare occasion, for some unknown reason, my hero will start with a shield when going into ambushes. Is this supposed to happen?

As you can see, he has a little of it left and neither of his discs grant him shields

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Does your Nick have the Judy disk? It might be a glitch with that.


Anyone on the current Roster when a Fight occurs, whether if it’s yours or not, whether if it’s called or not, as long as they have a Disc equipped, the other members will get the effects.

In this case, only 2 of the current Heroes have Discs that grant Shields, Nick [Ju] and Genie [Mi].

We can cross Genie out because for his Shield to trigger, he must be 1) in battle and 2) activating his White Skill, which neither of those is applicable to Genie right now, therefore, Nick must be the one who grants a Shield to the frontmost Ally, which is Sulley. If Mr. Incredible was Ambushed, he wouldn’t get a Shield from Nick.

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Hey you caught it! It usually is just because of having one of your hero’s friend or Nick/Eve/Calhoun or just a heist perk (especially if you’re the strongest)


Oh ok, thanks for the info


So, if I go to a heist with my Nick [Ju] activated and someone goes into an ambush or fights a thief it’s possible for my Nick [Ju] to help in the battle even though he is not in the battle per se? Have I got that straight?

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That’s the reason why, in older Updates, you can see Moana’s Love and Protection Skill activating even though she’s not in the battle.

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